The Top Features of the New PisaSales Version 7.5

The New Version of the Powerful Pisa Sales CRM System Is Now Available. We’ll Show What the Software Can Do for You and Its Main Functions.

Our main goal is to make our CRM system as good as possible. In order to optimally meet the needs of our customers, we are fully committed to the constant development of our software.

The Recently Released Version 7.5 Is Clearly Marked by a Variety of Improvements to Speed up Your Processes

The recently released version 7.5 is clearly marked by a variety of improvements to speed up your processes. The latest update includes numerous features that are perfectly adapted to your way of working and will of advantage for your everyday business.

The motto of the new decade will still be: being mobile anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we invested a lot of effort in the comprehensive optimization of the PisaSales CRM apps. In the extended calendar app, the user benefits from a simple and intuitive appointment management thanks to the new month view with an appointment list. To make sure that you are always up to date, the offline functionality of the high-performance apps has been greatly expanded. This guarantees you uninterrupted access to your data. From now on, you will always have your appointment data and attached documents with you – even on a business trip. You decide yourself which data you want to have on your device offline. You can easily attach to your cockpit documents, appointments, offers, customers you wish for and make them available for download. While the download automatically runs in the background, you can continue working without any restrictions. Being productive only on the computer belongs to yesterday! Even when you are on the road, you are perfectly equipped with a smartphone or tablet despite missing or insufficient internet access. PisaSales CRM is a good fit especially for sales representatives, but not only. More success in a dynamic everyday working life – this is how sales work today.

Increased efficiency is provided by the new features in the web client editor and native apps, too. In addition to a multitude of extended formatting options, the innovative editor allows the insertion of links to PisaSales objects such as contacts, transactions, documents. The so-called hyperlinks can also be used outside the application with e-mails, visit reports or reports created in PisaSales CRM. In addition, links to PisaSales objects from other applications such as Outlook, PDF Reader or Office can be executed without problems. With the help of improved links, the accelerated navigation gives you a significant time advantage. Another core function is the new collaboration for the distribution and commenting of visit reports. Simple text comments will in future be replaced by pinboard technology, which will allow a real discussion of the visit report by all distribution list members. Thanks to the new editor and the links to documents, contacts, everyone involved can take part in the project and is always informed about any news. The contribution of various colleagues promotes a successful communication between different departments. It is also advantageous that the entire chat history is displayed in the process it refers to. This makes it easier to trace the topic, time and participants of the discussion even after months.

The current software version now also supports new and improved functions of the vicinity search and map display on smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the automatic location recognition, a targeted search can be carried out within a defined radius for all objects with an address (contact, appointment, event, service object etc.). The “radius search” function not only marks the location of a single contact, but at the same time the locations of contacts entered in PisaSales can be displayed in the vicinity of the primary contact. Thanks to the new mobile features, you also benefit from the display of key figures from the sales overview in the field. In this way, you always have an overview of the geographical distribution of offers or orders including sales. With the help of the route planner, the planning and preparation of customer visits is straightforward as well. You can optimally calculate routes and store them under a name in the system (e.g. my Monday route). Your saved routes then create visit appointments or appointment series that are automatically visible in the cockpit or your calendar. The intuitive operation helps you to better coordinate your business appointments. Less planning effort, more time for your customers.

Important updates have been made in the creation and processing of e-mails, letters and faxes. Existing functions have been expanded, offering users new possibilities in customer communication. The personalization of richly formatted serial and individual e-mails is especially useful for people in sales and marketing. The improved template management allows templates to be stored in a structured way and saved as favorites for later use. You can use predefined text modules to quickly reply to e-mails without losing the e-mail context.

The new PisaSales mailbox now also supports you when it comes to professional e-mail correspondence. In addition to the standard functionalities of an e-mail program, the integrated filing system offers you a practical e-mail and appointment processing directly in PisaSales CRM – without the need of an e-mail client. In this way, you are provided with modern tool that makes parallel work in Outlook superfluous. You can read incoming e-mails, import them into PisaSales with one click if required, send drafts and edit appointment invitations. In addition, get a full overview of all pending tasks, appointments in a to-do list.

Moreover, PisaSales CRM’s proven range of functions is enhanced by the new web portal. This highly flexible feature serves to integrate business partners and customers, and it also supports a range of applications. The web portal includes useful functions like self-service, the communication of events, and the provision of documents and media files in a media library. Thanks to the simple and intuitive navigation and its adaptability, the PisaSales web portal is recommended as a decisive solution for more success in the support of customers and business partners.