Career @ JustRelate

A Remote Company with Modern Technology and Challenging Projects

The headquarters of JustRelate is located in Berlin, the most important tech hub in Europe. We also have offices in Munich and in the Polish main cultural capital, Wrocław. In addition, many of our colleagues are working in other locations, always where they have their MacBooks, throughout Germany, Poland, and the U.S.

JustRelate is a remote company. Thanks to modern communication tools, we are successful wherever we are. For our many notable and worldwide clients, we build customized Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). We help to reinvent digital relationships with an outstanding comprehension of digital business processes and excellent services. Along the way we are agile, communicate extensively, and are always close to the client.

A Remote Company with Flexible Working Hours

JustRelate offers a modern work environment with flat hierarchies and agile processes. We do not have fixed office hours. There is no problem with working remotely thanks to modern hardware and software.

Where We Meet

In our beautiful offices in Berlin (see a virtual passageway in Google Maps), Munich and Wrocław, you can concentrate, work, and learn from colleagues. The offices are divided into functional areas. 

  • Quiet ZoneWhere employees can focus on their work in a silent space
  • Conference RoomsFor team meetings
  • Co-Working RoomsFor project work
  • Telephone Boxes For calls
  • Common AreaFor get-togethers, lunch cooking, or playing foosball and table tennis

Your Health Is Important to Us

Guidelines suggest employees should be encouraged to change their body position often to avoid health problems. This is why our office provides different workspaces. Very classic: the office chair. More sociable: the barstool. Very comfortable: the couch. For the more dynamic people: standing work areas. These options facilitate employees to change their workspace many times and are additionally encouraged to meet with colleagues from other project teams to exchange opinions, experiences, and ideas. 

When Do We Meet?

Every Wednesday we have breakfast together and improve our German and English knowledge in our company provided professional courses. Each month there is a townhall meeting where all employees receive the most important news from the company, new employees get introduced, and colleagues receive accolades.

Our Values

JustRelate is an international company where everybody is welcome.

Internally and externally we communicate mostly in English.

Your talents, abilities, and continuing education count. Not how you acquired these professional skills, in the university, code school, or through learning by doing.

Our Tech Stack

We mainly work on our services with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (with a strong focus on React and Node.js), Java and Go. Our platform, which is provided by our DevOps team, works 100% by AWS. We do not operate any servers. In our work, many systems and components are automated and test-driven. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) is the foundation of development allowing us to deploy software quickly and efficiently. Test-driven development (TDD) and pair programming are among the practices we use to keep the quality of our software at the top level.

Find out what programming languages, frameworks, libraries, methods and tools we use.

Life Should Be Fun

Whether at our summer party or our traditional German Oktoberfest: we always find a reason to celebrate!

A good work-life balance is very important to us. You won’t see any employees who are drugged up with coffee and dark circles around the eyes, squatting in the office until midnight. On a normal working day, we stay focused on our products and our software. The after-work hours are yours and we respect that!

The reverse conclusion is: we are not a chaotic start-up with many extra hours. Rather we prefer teamwork, clear structures, and responsibilities. 

We Are Pleased about Long-Term Collaboration

The majority of our employees stay with us for many years. We believe in a friendly work environment characterized by collaboration and joy of learning, always striving for top performance. 

Our Service Philosophy

The reliable and friendly dealings we maintain with one another are also important for our clients from medium-sized and large companies as well as the public sector. We work based on a trustworthy and long-term relationship, to grow together.

We use agile methods to make sure that in the end, everybody is satisfied with the developed solutions.

Internally, we help one another where we can, no matter if that is about complex technical questions or any other issues.