Digital Events for B2B

A Digital Experience Hub to Increase Sales

With digital events, you can reach new target groups and improve customer experience significantly.

Advantages of Digital Events 

  • Significantly broaden your audienceYou can also connect with prospects, customers and retailers who would not have attended an onsite event. In a survey of event managers, 80% said their digital events had more guests than their traditional events. 
  • Lead generation made easyWith JustRelate your sales representatives have the best conditions for directly acquiring potential customers – for example in virtual showrooms, breakout sessions or (video) chats. You offer customers positive experiences and strengthen your relationship with them. 
  • Lower costsThe cost per visitor and the cost per lead (CPL) for digital events are often significantly lower than for onsite-only events. A perfect customer experience means the acquisition costs (CAC) are lowered, the duration and quality of the customer relationship is increased and thus the customer lifetime value (CLV) climbs.

Your Tailor-Made Online Events Platform

An online events platform involves numerous components including registration, email campaigns, live streams of presentations, 3D showrooms, sales talks, individual follow-up communication and so on. Together with you, JustRelate develops the platform for all types of digital events using our content management system Scrivito CMS, where all touchpoints are connected meaningfully.

Virtual visitors log on to this platform, communicate there with your sales staff, take part in panel discussions and network. This creates a perfect user experience for your customers.

  • Simple integration of other systems and services using APIs – for example CRM systems, email marketing, chats or video streaming
  • Unlimited visitor numbers and languages, with no marginal costs
  • No initial investment in software or hardware required, no own IT infrastructure is needed
  • Perfect user experience on all devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • State-of-the-art, multi-tenant technology allows you to administer multiple events on one system

80 %

Of Surveyed Event Managers Said Their Digital Events Have More Guests than Their Traditional Events

The Perfect Digital Experience for Stronger Customer Loyalty

Every point of contact guests have with an event shapes how they perceive the brand and company. Stand out of the crowd and provide your prospects, customers and retailers with memorable experiences. For instance, with exciting product presentations, interactive offers, video conferences, digital evening events or with content personalized for the visitor. 

A Tailor-Made Event for Every Customer

You can leverage existing information about your customers from your CRM system and use data about their participation in previous events. In this way, you will be offering them a perfectly tailored event.

  • Show your guests in the online events platform only the content that interests them
  • Make use of your visitors’ purchasing history from your CRM and make appropriate cross-selling and upselling offers
  • Profit from personalized marketing automation with reminders and advance information about the events as well as follow-up communication
  • Let members of your sales team act as personal advisors to the event’s visitors

Smooth Operation Thanks to Cloud Infrastructure

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a global content delivery network (CDN) not only ensures short load times, but also smooth operation and permanent availability. As an example, during a virtual event’s keynote presentation for an international medical technology producer organized by JustRelate, not a single connection failure was reported, even with more than 50,000 accesses per minute. 

Maximum Security and Compliance

JustRelate supports the GDPR-compliant processing of personal data - unlike many other providers who are not based in the EU. Digital events are continuously open to attack from hackers or activists. With an online events platform developed by JustRelate, your event is protected to the highest degree possible and is equipped to respond to DDoS attacks, for example. 

More Insights through Analytics

Your event management platform from JustRelate provides better analytics of your customers' behavior and interests than is possible at purely offline events. For example, you receive specific information on individual customers and can track exactly which visitors watched which presentations and even at what point they left. Event analytics are especially useful for your next digital event planning.

Our Services for Your Digital Event

  • Conception and go-to-market strategies together with our specialized partners
  • Development and operation of digital experience hubs based on state-of-the-art standard software
  • Technical implementation of the project including the seamless integration of components like video streaming, chats, registration processes etc.
  • Development of individual elements of the platform, such as landing pages for registration
  • Automated, personalized email communication in advance of the event and afterwards

Main Advantages of Your Digital Experience Hub

For Your Customers

  • Seamless customer journey across all touchpoints and via different devices
  • Personalized user experience ensures a customized event
  • Support from a contact person from your sales team
  • Profile-based matching with other visitors for successful networking

For Your Sales Team

  • Hub enables sales staff to have personalized interaction with visitors
  • Relationship between sales personnel and customer is strengthened through shared experiences
  • Valuable one-to-one discussions between sales personnel and customers
  • Team collects feedback on offers / satisfaction with experiences

For Your Marketing Team

  • Collecting data for downstream personalization
  • Hub creates a proximity to customers from the start
  • Insight into each customer’s user behavior
  • Team gathers feedback on offers and customer satisfaction