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Scrivito CMS 

Customer Portal Experience

Enterprise-class web CMS.
The front-end for your websites and apps.

PisaSales CRM 

Customer Relation Experience

Highly flexible CRM standard solution that can be
implemented quickly and customized individually.

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Improved usability and a new color: Scrivito is more user-friendly than ever before

At JustRelate, we always strive to make your editorial work easier by improving the usability of our products. We're constantly adding new features to ensure that our software meets even your highest requirements.

Digitalization Alters Customers' Expectations

Many companies consider the digital transformation primarily as technical innovation to obtain greater efficiency and reduced costs. Do you?

Customer Portals are Crucial to Keep Your Clients Loyal

Learn why customer portals are the most important tool for your digital clients’ loyalty and thus should be the central point of contact for your business and your clients. 

June 21 and 22, 2021

* German only

What used to be the Digital:Relaunch conference has a new host, the JustRelate Group, and therefore a new name. The quality and the team remain unchanged, of course.

  • Strategy - Roadmap for the digital transformation
  • Work - Leadership, collaboration and New Work
  • Business - Digitalization of business, processes and products 
  • Marketing - How to win and convince customers