B2B Ecommerce

Your Own Online Sales Platform

With your own ecommerce platform, you not only increase your sales but you also establish long-term business relationships and save costs.

Your Ecommerce Platform from JustRelate

Together with you, JustRelate develops a platform to meet your particular needs and fulfil all the requirements for successful B2B ecommerce. The platform is based on our content management system Scrivito CMS. It is highly integrable, extremely scalable, meets the highest security standards, and can be flexibly adapted. With your platform, you can also reach customers on a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, or via voice assistants.

How to Profit

From B2B Ecommerce

Increase Sales

Selling directly from your own platform without intermediaries or marketplaces offers you the best possible margins. Cross-selling and upselling mean you can increase the average shopping basket value. Detailed statistics and highly flexible adaptability give you many opportunities for conversion rate optimization.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With your own platform, you can offer your visitors a perfect, customized experience - one that creates lasting impressions. An efficient ordering process and self-service features are particularly important for this and help you retain customers long term so the customer lifetime value (CLV) increases. 

Develop New Target Groups

Online selling provides you with completely new opportunities to acquire new customers, for instance using search engine optimization (SEO) or content marketing. You can sell to companies all over the world, and customer acquisition costs (CAC) are usually lower online than for offline acquisition.

Save Costs Across the Board

With your platform, you can save personnel costs in marketing, sales and support. Thanks to JustRelate’s powerful cloud infrastructure, neither initial software nor hardware investment is required. The running costs for the platform are also much lower than in-house solutions.

Lower Risks

Your own platform from JustRelate gives you greater planning security in relation to costs as well as full control of compliance. Also, you won’t ever need to worry about system outages and security risks. You’ll remain independent, competitive and be able to outperform other companies. 

  • A fully integrated ecommerce platformYour platform enables the integration of existing systems via APIs. This means, for example, that customer data is taken from the CRM system and inventory from the ERP system. Additionally, you can integrate shipping service providers, payment systems or marketing tools. 
  • Digital customer advice and personalizationUsing (video) chats and virtual product presentations, you can help your customers make a purchase decision. An automated buying process, or one guided by a sales advisor, can help customers when ordering products requiring explanation. Through an individualized customer experience, you offer your visitors personalized products tailored to their demands and profit from cross-selling and upselling.
  • Flexible pricingB2B ecommerce pricing is usually more complicated than in B2C ecommerce. It can include quantity discounts, special prices for regular customers, or prices on a negotiated basis, for example. With Scrivito, all of these can be implemented without any problems. If required, prices may only be visible after logging in.
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) If there are many variants of your products, or if they can be personalized, you can offer CPQ functions on your portal. This enables your customers to configure products themselves. The system calculates the price and generates the scope of delivery as well as the offer documentation and configuration-specific accompanying documents.
  • Omnichannel ecommerce on all devicesBecause of the modern and completely modular headless architecture of the platform, you can serve your customers at every touchpoint. For example, via smartphones, tablets, wearables, language assistants, on B2B marketplaces or in your shop. 
  • Advantages of a cloud infrastructure Your ecommerce platform is delivered via a global content delivery network (CDN). This leads to very short loading times and permanent availability, even during load peaks caused by a sudden rush of customers. The platform is also perfectly scalable and extensible. 
  • Maximum security and complianceThe architecture of ecommerce platforms from JustRelate is designed to minimize vulnerability to hackers. All compliance requirements can also be implemented, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Analytics to understand customers betterIn addition to key figures, such as the frequency of visits by specific users or the most frequently accessed product pages, you can also see, for example, which products are in the user's shopping cart but have yet to be ordered. 

Other Features

  • Rights and role management for editors
  • Different country and language versions without marginal costs
  • Pre-optimized for search engines
  • Collaborative editing of content
  • Manage multiple sites in one system

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