Digital Workplace

Your Platform for More Efficiency and Productivity

With digital workplace solutions from JustRelate, your employees are productive anywhere, anytime, and can complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. 

Functions of the Platform

Your digital workplace and collaboration platform brings together many features and services that your employees need to complete their daily work efficiently.

  • Communication and collaboration tools like (video) chats, collaboratively editable documents and more
  • Organizational functions such as booking travel, scheduling shifts, recording work hours etc.
  • Newsfeed e.g. with current information, announcements, introduction of new employees
  • Digital asset management (DAM) and file sharing
  • Knowledge management and easy access to information
  • Self-service for employees, for example for IT questions

Benefits of a Digital Workplace Solution and Collaboration Platform

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Enable work anywhere, anytime, and strengthen work-life balance
  • Only one point of contact for employees
  • Support and optimize business processes
  • Improve collaboration with internal communication tools
  • Save operational costs (e.g. office rent and travel expenses)
  • Strengthen employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better communication of company goals and culture
  • Easily transfer knowledge
  • Make the company more attractive to job applicants

Your Digital Workplace from JustRelate

Together with you, JustRelate develops a perfectly functioning work platform for collaboration in the workplace based on our content management system Scrivito CMS. All vital components, third-party systems and digital workplace tools are meaningfully linked and tailored precisely to your company, your processes and your needs.

Your digital workplace platform from JustRelate is software as a service (SaaS) and therefore does not require its own IT infrastructure and support. It is extensible, excellently integrable, extremely scalable, and meets the highest security standards.

  • Work from anywhere With a digital workplace solution from JustRelate, your employees can be as productive working from home (or any other location with Internet access) as they are in the office. The applications work perfectly on any devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Easy integration of third-party systemsThe collaboration software can be integrated as deeply as you like into your existing IT landscape and systems such as your CRM, ERP or collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. This eliminates silos and isolated solutions. Other systems and services can be also easily connected via APIs. 
  • A superior digital workplace user experienceJustRelate puts a special focus on the employee experience when developing your digital workplace services. This leads to greater employee satisfaction, stronger identification with the company and long-term employee retention.
  • Efficient communication and collaborationA digital workplace platform must provide employees with efficient communication and collaboration tools, particularly when they don't see each other in the office every day. For example, a wide variety of virtual meetings are possible: not only video calls and conferences, but also digital team-building events. 
  • Internal workflows and personalizationThe high-grade customization of your digital workplace platform means you can map all your business processes and workflows. The platform can be tailored to each of your employees and their tasks and processes. With individual dashboards, users can keep an eye on their key performance indicators at all times.
  • File sharing and digital asset management (DAM)With your digital workplace and collaboration software, employees can quickly and easily share files with each other. By using your platform for digital asset management as well, you make content such as documents, images or videos available to users in a central location, including a powerful search engine.

Other Features

Save Costs with Cloud Technology

With a digital workplace from JustRelate, there is no need for initial investment in software or hardware, or for your own IT infrastructure. No staff is required to operate it and you don't need costly training for your employees. 

Maximum Speed Through a CDN

Long loading times of a digital workplace platform affect productivity and can lead to frustration among your employees. That's why JustRelate uses a global content delivery network (CDN), through which all content is loaded at lightning speed. This is especially important for companies that operate internationally.

Highest Security and Compliance

The platform is secured to the highest degree against attacks from hackers. If required, data can not only be transmitted in encrypted form, but can also be stored encrypted. GDPR-compliant processing of personal data is no problem either.

Powerful Search Function for All Data

Your digital workplace from JustRelate offers a search function that can be used not only to search content on the platform itself, but also on other connected data sources - for example, data from financial accounting or personnel files.