Here you can find webinars, interviews, best practices and other videos related to digitalization and digital experience.

Best Practice Airport Nuremberg

Airport Nuremberg uses Scrivito CMS for a scalable platform for marketing and communication (English subtitles).

Digital Asset Management at FP

Francotyp-Postalia (FP) uses Scrivito CMS for websites and digital asset management (English subtitles).

Portals at LMU Klinikum München

Rouven Behnke, software engineer at JustRelate, explains the development of portals at LMU Klinikum (English subtitles).

B2B Ecommerce at TROX

Martin Müntjes, head of sales and marketing, gives insights into B2B ecommerce at TROX (English subtitles).

Best Practice: Platform for Websites at TROX

TROX has chosen Scrivito to manage over 70 websites worldwide (English subtitles).

The Digital Hospital – LMU

Jürgen Primbs, head of internet at LMU Klinikum München, tells us about their digitalization process (English subtitles).

Siemens Healthineers

An insight into the successful digitalization of trade fairs and conferences at Siemens (English subtitles).

Airport Communication

Christian Albrecht tells us how he manages the communication at Nuremberg Airport via Scrivito (English subtitles).

Customer Testimonials

How Our Customers Rate Our Products

Nico Rehmann, asioso

Nico Rehmann is managing partner of the Munich-based digital agency asioso.

Jürgen Primbs, LMU Klinikum

Jürgen Primbs is head of web requirements and services at LMU Klinikum in Munich.



150+ employees – 30+ years of experience – operating worldwide.

Pinuts Uses Scrivito

Timo Fuchs explains the advantages of using the cloud CMS Scrivito.

Our Way of Working

Presented by Dirk Kosellek, Head of Group Marketing at JustRelate (English subtitles).

Our Services

Dirk Kosellek, Head of Group Marketing, presents the services we offer (English subtitles).