Scrivito UI on a laptop, showing WYSIWYG editor

Future-Proof Enterprise Web CMS

The Flexible Content Hub for All Your Websites and Apps

Scrivito is a flexible, scalable, and secure web CMS built to orchestrate digital experiences globally across multiple channels, react to market changes quickly and deliver great results cost-efficiently.

  • State-of-the-Art TechnologyAs a decoupled/headless enterprise web CMS, Scrivito is designed to be the flexible basis for all your websites and apps. It delivers content to all kinds of channels and devices, is easy to use, secure, scalable, and fast for users worldwide.
  • Deliver Results QuicklyGet results fast, integrate Scrivito with other systems using APIs, and serve content from a single content hub via a global CDN. Reduce project efforts thanks to popular and proven technologies like JavaScript and React.
  • Intuitive UsabilityStart using Scrivito without extensive training. Edit content easily with an intuitive WYSIWYG interface and customizable drag-and-drop widgets. Let your editorial teams collaborate efficiently, and ensure the highest possible quality of your content through workflows.

Benefits for the Enterprise

Take Advantage of the Most Advanced Technology

Scrivito is a ready-to-use enterprise web content management system that is provided as a software service (SaaS) running on the world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. It is secure, scales to your needs, and provides great flexibility.

Ensure the Best User Experience

Delight visitors with attractive and convincing websites and applications that offer a perfect user experience, are delivered fast via a global CDN, and are available 99.999 % of the time as guaranteed in our service-level agreement.

Launch Projects Quickly and Integrate Any Services

Reduce the time to market of new projects, integrate Scrivito with any service using its powerful API, and serve all your websites and applications from a single content hub.

Benefits for the Marketing Team

Deliver Your Content to Any Channel or Device

Scrivito can be used as an enterprise-wide omnichannel platform and delivers digital assets to any channel, device, or (IoT) application – including responsive and mobile frontends, wearables as well as voice assistants.

Use a Single Content Hub for All Your Web Projects and Apps

Create any number of web projects in as many languages as you need with just a couple of clicks. Decide whether you want to share your digital assets across multiple projects.

Benefit From Easy-to-Use Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Store, organize, and share all kinds of assets like images, videos, or documents using a single content management system. The underlying CDN makes your assets available around the globe.

Benefits for Editors

Learn to Use Scrivito Quickly and Become More Productive

Double your efficiency when editing content, become familiar with Scrivito in minutes, and master it in a few days. Scrivito features a modern user interface including WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop functionality as well as customizable and reusable widgets.

Maintain the High Quality of Your Content

Individual team-based workflows let you alter the published content safely, without changing it immediately on the live site. Editorial work can be made subject to review by other team members before publishing.

Collaborate Easily With Your Team

Scrivito’s working copies are a sophisticated yet easy-to-use means to edit website content. Editors can work on a web page simultaneously and apply changes individually, or invite team members of their choice as collaborators.

Benefits for Developers

Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Serverless CMS

Scrivito’s IT infrastructure requires no maintenance on your side. The cloud-based CMS runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), scales with your needs, offers the highest degree of security, and guarantees an availability of over 99.999%.

Take Advantage of Future-Proof Architecture and Technology

Use Scrivito’s powerful REST API for your applications and easily integrate third-party software. Reduce project efforts thanks to popular and proven technologies like React, Node.js, and Jamstack.

Use Widgets for Creating Web Pages Efficiently

Utilize a collection of ready-made widgets, extend your projects with JavaScript / React, and use libraries and frameworks from sources like npm or GitHub. Make your frontend code reusable by packaging it as widgets.

Scrivito in under 3 Minutes

Our Example App shows you the possibilities of the software and can serve as a basis for your own projects. You can get an overview of it in our video.

"Top Rated": OMR Reviews Awards Scrivito CMS

The software review platform OMR Reviews gave Scrivito the “Top Rated” award in the category Content Management Systems in March 2022. Our enterprise CMS is far above the industry average in all categories, such as “user-friendliness”, “meeting requirements” and “customer support”.