Recruiting Portals

Find Suitable Candidates Quicker

With your own individual recruiting portal, you can reach the full potential of e-recruiting and secure yourself a decisive advantage in the “war for talent”.

Advantages of Recruiting Portals

  • Receive more suitable applicationsStart sourcing precisely the right job candidates and enable them to submit applications quickly and easily with just a few clicks!
  • Offer a perfect user experienceBy providing an optimal user experience, you create special moments that remain positive in your candidates' minds.
  • Create an applicant poolIf a candidate does not find a suitable position, they can register in the portal and be automatically notified of relevant vacancies. 
  • Secure competitive advantageMany companies have not yet recognized the potential of recruiting portals. Those that have are one step ahead of their competitors in the "war for talent”.
  • Save costsHR employees create new online job ads in just a few minutes and at no cost. Because self-service features mean applicants no longer have to constantly contact your HR department (e.g. to make appointments), the costs of these processes are reduced. 

Recruiting Portals from JustRelate

JustRelate develops your own recruiting platform based on the state-of-the-art standard software Scrivito CMS.

  • E-recruiting portals from JustRelate are software as a service (SaaS) and therefore do not require their own IT infrastructure and support.
  • Our e-recruiting software is extensible, excellently integrable, extremely scalable, and meet the highest security standards.
  • Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a global content delivery network (CDN), your portal offers outstanding performance and permanent, worldwide availability.

The Best User Experience for Applicants

  • Provide special moments right at the beginning of the employee journey that remain positive in candidates’ minds.
  • Perfectly show the advantages of your company and present yourself as an attractive employer through strong employer branding and smart recruiting.
  • Offer logged-in candidates a personalized user experience - for example, by addressing them personally or keeping them up to date on the status of their application. 
  • Offer candidates a live chat option through which they can get in touch with your HR staff or a chatbot.
  • Enable convenient one-click applications by connecting to networks such as LinkedIn.
  • Simplify all communication and the scheduling of job interviews with specific online functions.

A Central Point of Contact for Your Applicants

In addition to job offers, candidates can find other relevant information and can apply for positions directly. The portal can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website.

Reach Candidates Worldwide

With low marginal costs, you can offer the portal in different languages and with region-specific characteristics and thus reach candidates internationally. 

Simple Integration of Third-Party Systems

APIs allow you to integrate any third-party systems - e.g. from the areas of ATS, CRM, ERP and HCM. With these recruiting integrations, candidate data can be automatically transferred to and from these systems.

Create a Candidate Pool

If a prospective candidate does not find a suitable position, their résumé and information about their skill sets can be stored in the portal. Later, you can send them suitable job suggestions, e.g. by email.

Your Own Recruiting Application

JustRelate develops any additional recruiting applications you may require. For example, online assessments that give candidates an initial insight into the tasks carried out in the respective job.

Future-Proof Technology

With powerful APIs, your portal is ready for future trends. New technologies such as robot recruiting or virtual reality (VR) can be implemented without any problems.

How to Profit from Your Recruiting Portal

Your Company

  • Receive more applications, target candidates specifically
  • Offer applicants a perfect user experience along the employee journey
  • Present the company as an attractive employer through strong employer branding
  • Reach international applicants through multiple language versions
  • Reduce the cost of processes through system-supported communication and appointment scheduling

Your HR Team

  • Employees can manage content themselves without resource-intensive training
  • Fewer inquiries by applicants, for example about the status of their application
  • Learn more about candidates through questionnaires or online assessments
  • Evaluate user behavior and gain valuable insights
  • Improved quality of the service offering

Your IT Team

  • Cloud-native based on AWS infrastructure
  • Highest availability, scalability and flexibility
  • No in-house IT infrastructure or staff required for operations, maintenance, backups or updates
  • No server attacks possible due to serverless architecture, GDPR-compliant processing of data
  • Easy integration into the existing IT landscape

Additional Features

Simple Content Management

Scrivito's intuitive editor allows employees to manage and edit pages without requiring lengthy training. Content and functions are added to a page with flexible drag-and-drop widgets. 

Highest Security and Compliance

Your recruiting platform is secured to the highest degree against attacks from hackers. GDPR-compliant processing of personal data is also unproblematic with JustRelate – unlike many other providers not based in the EU.

Analytics and Optimization

You can accurately track visitor behavior to optimize your activities and attract more candidates. For example, learn how long candidates look at individual pages and at which step of the application process they tend to bounce more often.

Barrier-Free Recruiting

With a barrier-free recruiting portal, you ensure true equal opportunity in the application process and do not exclude people with disabilities. For example, your portal can be easily optimized for screen readers or simple operation with the keyboard.