Investor Relations Portals

Your Point of Contact for Investors and Analysts

In your investor relations portal, you can offer comprehensive information about your company to your visitors and provide them with an outstanding user experience.

The Advantages of Your Portal

Highest Quality

  • The investor relations portal provides the platform for your company to present itself consistently and convincingly, both internally and externally
  • Current and potential investors get a perfect overview of your company
  • Comprehensive information means you can receive stronger analyst coverage
  • Media representatives find it easier to report accurately on your company
  • Through an outstanding user experience, you offer visitors special moments that will remain positive in their memories

Save Costs

  • Visitors can access the information and files they need and no longer need to contact your investor relations team to do so
  • The portal is the central point of contact for visitors and you don't need to keep different information sources and isolated applications up-to-date
  • No initial investment in software or hardware is required and the costs for ongoing operation are low
  • You do not need your own IT infrastructure or lengthy training for your employees

Lower Risks

  • You can provide all legally required information clearly in your portal
  • The platform meets all compliance requirements
  • You prevent the use of outdated information and files that could harm your company
  • Confidential documents with restricted availability (e.g. only for current investors) are protected from unauthorized access
  • You have full planning security with regard to the cost of the portal
  • There is no downtime, even with large numbers of visitors

Your Tailor-Made Portal

JustRelate develops your own investor relations portal for you. The platform is based on our content management system Scrivito CMS. It can be easily integrated into your IT landscape. The software you already use, such as your CRM system, can be linked to the portal.

Scrivito runs as a software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud and thus does not require its own IT infrastructure or support. As a result of its future-proof architecture, Scrivito is easy to expand and integrate, is extremely scalable and meets the highest security requirements. 

Elements of Your Investor Relations Portal

  • Company presentation: Equity, strategy, vision, products etc.
  • Current financial information such as share prices, revenues and dividends
  • Publications such as annual reports, press releases, quarterly announcements, etc.
  • Legally relevant information such as ad-hoc announcements, directors’ dealings etc.
  • Multimedia content such as webcasts, video interviews, podcasts, meeting recordings, etc.
  • Financial calendar with dates for conferences, general meetings, roadshows etc.
  • Introduction of the management team, board of supervisors and other key individuals
  • Information on compliance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, etc.

Present Financial Information in an Appealing Way

To present your financial information clearly and convincingly, you can prepare them interactively using varied presentation options. Data can be automatically imported in real time from any third-party system. If desired, users can download the information in many different file formats.

Efficient Communication with Existing Investors

Your portal becomes a single point of truth for investors where they can find the exact information they need quickly and conveniently. Email notifications ensure that they won’t ever miss any important news, and the portal's rights management system ensures that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands. 

75 %

of buy-side analysts say that their interest in a company dwindles if its website is badly designed

Comfortable Any Relationship Management

Every contact relevant to your investor relations, such as investors, media representatives and analysts, can be easily administered using an xRM system. If you already use an xRM or CRM system, it can be quickly linked to your portal. You can also send GDPR-compliant emails and notifications to users. 

Highest Security and Compliance

With its serverless architecture, the platform has a very low susceptibility to hackers. If required, data can not only be transmitted in encrypted form, but also stored encrypted. Access management ensures that sensitive information is only visible to selected groups of people. Scrivito also makes it easy to implement all compliance requirements.

Personalization for a Better UX

After logging in, users will experience a personalized user experience, for example with their own dashboard. To make your portal even more personalized, you can also define different roles such as "investor" or "media representative". You can then offer these groups special information that is not presented to others. 

Digital Events for Investors and Analysts

With a digital event, you can reach users who would not have attended a traditional business gathering. JustRelate fully embeds digital events of any kind on your platform. This includes the seamless technical integration of components such as video streaming, chats, voting, moderation, registration processes with user identity verification and much more.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

With your platform from JustRelate, you can use all the advantages of professional digital asset management. This allows you to provide visitors to your portal with a digital library that gives them quick and easy access to all assets (such as PDF documents, presentations or videos). If required, individual files or entire areas can be limited to specific users.

  • Seamless integration into existing systemsYour portal can be easily integrated into your existing IT systems via APIs. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your website, and data from third-party systems can be transferred for user and rights management. 
  • Individual workflows for editorsRole-based rights management allows you to define content workflows that are perfectly aligned with your company's processes. For example, while editors can edit the "About us" pages at any time, annual reports might first go through an approval process before publication.
  • Deliver multimedia content easilyIn order to remain competitive, companies need to rely on multimedia content such as videos or podcasts.  Multimedial annual reports or the streaming of shareholder meetings with interactive charts can also be easily implemented with Scrivito.
  • User-friendliness for editorsThe individual pages of your investor relations website need to be created and edited quickly. Your staff can do this easily with Scrivito, without any programming skills or lengthy training.
  • Offer the portal in multiple languagesWith Scrivito, you can operate your investor relations portal in any number of languages. The CMS provides native support for multilingual projects and all country websites can be run from a single system with no additional outlay. The marginal cost for an additional language version is zero.

53 % 

of investors would not invest in a company that did not have a website for investor relations

Other Features

  • Pre-optimized for search engines
  • Optimal display on mobile devices
  • Powerful analysis and optimization tools
  • Short loading times leading to a low bounce rate
  • Collaborative content editing
  • Manage multiple sites in one system

Advantages for the Company

  • Perfect user experience for portal users
  • More efficient communication with current investors
  • Potential investors can gain a positive impression of the company
  • Analysts get all relevant numbers conveniently

Advantages for Editors

  • Minimal training required thanks to WYSIWYG operation and intuitive functions
  • Individual workflows and role management
  • Collaborative editing of pages
  • Efficient digital asset management (DAM)

Advantages for the IT Team

  • Cloud native based on AWS infrastructure
  • Easy integration into the existing IT landscape
  • Headless: 100% of the CMS functions available via APIs
  • Development with JavaScript (ReactJS), use of Jamstack