Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Easier and Faster Leads

Landing pages from JustRelate offer a perfect user experience and all the prerequisites to maximize the success of your campaigns.

Generate More Leads Faster

With optimized, highly customized landing pages for lead generation you can generate more leads faster and ensure the quality of these leads with the right content.

Save Landing Page Advertising Costs

By mitigating the visitor bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate, you reduce both your advertising spend and cost per lead (CPL).  

Minimize Risks

Projects can be implemented quickly, you have planning security in terms of costs and don't have to worry about system failures or security risks. 

Improve the Quality of the UX

With an excellent landing page design, perfect usability and short loading times, you will inspire your visitors and build trust from the very first moment. A/B testing allows you to continuously optimize your landing pages. 

Create Landing Pages in Minutes

You and your marketing team can create new landing pages in minutes – no need for lengthy training and no requirement for external service providers or your IT department.

12x More Leads

Through More than 40 Landing Pages

Landing Pages From JustRelate

JustRelate’s content management system Scrivito CMS is used not only to develop complete websites and web applications, but also as many lead capture pages as required - in just a few minutes. Scrivito is offered as software as a service (SaaS) and requires no in-house IT infrastructure or support. The system is easily extensible, excellently integrable, extremely scalable and meets the highest security standards.

Easy Landing Page Integration and Automation

You can easily connect your landing page website to third-party systems such as CRM and email marketing tools, and automate your processes from double opt-in to lead management capture. APIs can also be used to integrate any other applications - for example live chat tools, ecommerce platforms and more.

More Success through Customized Landing Pages

With lead capture pages tailored to the visitor, you always show users exactly the content that is relevant to them. Scrivito allows you to create as many new pages as you like in just one system without marginal costs, even in other languages if desired. 

Convenient Analysis and Optimization Tools

By using tools like Google Analytics and Matomo, you get statistics on visitor numbers, conversion rates and much more that you can utilize for landing page optimization. Through Hotjar, Optimizely and similar tools, you can also find out how far visitors to your landing pages scroll, for example, and use A/B testing to check how you can further optimize the pages. 

User-Friendly for Editors

With Scrivito, your staff can create, edit and design landing pages in minutes without requiring long training. Elements can be added to a page via flexible drag-and-drop widgets and thanks to WYSIWYG, editors can see the result as they make changes on the page. 

Define Individual Content Workflows

Scrivito offers you role-based team and rights management, allowing you to define your own content workflows. For example, you can specify that some team members are only allowed to edit landing page content, but not to publish it.

Other Features

  • Easy collaboration through working copiesEditors can edit the content of your landing page website together, simultaneously, or independently of each other. All changes can be published with one click and, if required, changes can be precisely reversed.
  • Maximum security for customer dataThanks to Scrivito’s serverless architecture, no server attacks are possible and unauthorized persons can thus not gain access to the system. Data is processed in compliance with GDPR and stored in encrypted form if required.
  • Low bounce rates due to short loading timesYour landing pages are delivered via a global content delivery network (CDN) and thus load at lightning speed. The bounce rate can be drastically reduced as a result. Short loading times can also have a positive impact on your Google rankings. ­­­
  • Optimal display on mobile devicesYour lead capture pages must also offer an excellent user experience on cell phones and tablets. With Responsive Design already preset, they are optimally displayed on all devices, so that the conversion rate is maximized for these as well. 
  • Pre-optimized for search enginesJustRelate’s landing pages meet all SEO requirements to achieve top positions in search results and to generate more organic traffic for you – for example short loading times, a perfect structure and mobile device optimization.

Benefits for Your Company and Departments

For Your Company

  • Higher turnover through high-quality leads
  • Lower advertising costs and cost per lead (CPL)  
  • Improved landing page UX and stronger customer loyalty
  • Lower operating costs and almost no training, no maintenance costs

For Your Sales Team

  • High conversion rates
  • Generate more leads more quickly
  • Ensure higher quality leads
  • More targeted communication with interested parties

For Your Marketing Team

  • Lower learning requirements thanks to intuitive functions and WYSIWYG of the landing page CMS
  • Collaborative editing, workflows and role management
  • More detailed evaluation of user behavior for landing page optimization
  • Shorter time-to-market of new landing pages

For Your IT Team

  • Cloud native based on the AWS infrastructure, no maintenance, backups or updates required
  • Headless: 100% of the CMS functions available via APIs
  • Highest security, availability, scalability and flexibility
  • Simple integration into existing IT landscapes such as CRM, ERP and PIM systems