JustRelate Group

JustRelate Group GmbH
Postal address:
Kitzingstra├če 15
12277 Berlin

Phone +49-30 747 993 0
Fax +49-30 747993-93
VAT-ID: DE330987923

Registered company: HRB 160002, AG Hamburg
Managing Directors: Dr. Helge Hofmeister, Dr. Axel Jansen, Lars Kloppsteck, Bernd V├Âlcker, Nico Schulte, Holger M├╝ller

Group Companies

JustRelate Deutschland GmbH

Kitzingstra├če 15
12277 Berlin

Phone +49-30 747993 0
VAT-ID: DE815870762

Registered company: HRB 218235, AG Charlottenburg
Managing Directors: Bernd V├Âlcker, Holger M├╝ller, Nico Schulte

JustRelate Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 101
50-016 Wrocław

Phone +48-71 881 12 22
VAT-ID: 8943123200

Registered company: REGON 369283911, KRS 0000713386
Managing Directors:  Bernd V├Âlcker, Nico Schulte

PiSA sales GmbH

Kitzingstra├če 15
12277 Berlin

Phone +49-30 747993 0
Fax +49-30 747993 93
VAT-ID: DE 813 790 059

Registered company: HRB 95803 B, AG Charlottenburg
Managing Directors: Bernd V├Âlcker, Nico Schulte

JustRelate Planware GmbH

Gollierstra├če 70
80339 Munich

Phone: +49 89 540936 0
Fax: +49 89 540936 40
VAT-ID: DE 129438396

Registered company: HRB 86505, AG M├╝nchen
Managing Director: Holger M├╝ller, Nico Schulte

SAS JustRelate France

71 Rue Pierre Mauroy
59800 Lille

Phone: +33-3 20 70 35 67
VAT-ID: FR59791 883 119

Registered company: Lille Metropole B 791 883 119
Managing Directors: Pascal Bertoux, Thomas Leroy, Nico Schulte

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