Brand Portals and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Everything about Your Brand

With your own brand portal, you can make the processes around your brand more effective, faster and more cost-efficient. The portal thus ensures brand consistency and corporate identity.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

With a digital asset management application, you can make all kinds of files - e.g. photos, videos, PDF documents or audio files - available in one central location. Your digital asset management portal works like a library, giving users quick and easy access to all current and shared assets.

For example, you can make files available only to specific users, offer different versions of individual assets, and use metadata to make file searches more convenient. Your digital asset management can either be seamlessly integrated into your brand portal or run as an isolated solution.

Scrivito Digital Asset Management

Advantages of a Brand Portal

Advantages of a Brand Portal

Higher Quality

  • With the portal, your brand is presented consistently and convincingly both to your employees as well as to external users
  • Visitors benefit from a perfect, personalized user experience
  • The time-to-market of new projects and campaigns is shortened
  • Digital assets can be reused more easily
  • Media representatives will find it easier to report accurately on your brand

Lower Costs

  • Employees' productivity increases due to fast file search and easy collaboration
  • Visitors can find the information and files they need on their own
  • Collaborating with external service providers such as agencies becomes more efficient and easier
  • You manage information and assets centrally and no longer need to keep different sources up-to-date 
  • No initial investment in software or hardware required and low costs for ongoing operation

Minimized Risks

  • You avoid that outdated information or files are used, which could damage your brand presence
  • Your digital asset management system eliminates licensing issues, such as using photos that were only licensed for a specific time period
  • Avoid legal issues by requiring users to accept a file's terms of use before downloading it
  • The platform is GDPR-compliant and meets all other compliance requirements

Your Tailor-Made Brand Portal from JustRelate

JustRelate develops your brand portal and digital asset management system on the basis of the content management system Scrivito CMS. The platform is customized to meet your needs. It can be easily integrated into your existing IT landscape and the software you already use.

A Stable Brand Consistency Leads to an Average Increase in Sales Of

33 %

  • Seamless integration in the existing IT landscapeUsing API integration, your portal can be easily connected to existing IT systems such as CRM or PIM. For example, the portal can be seamlessly linked to your website, data can be transferred from third-party systems for user and rights management, and digital assets such as product images can be accessed from the PIM system.  
  • Effective user managementYou always have full control over which internal or external users have access to the platform and the files within it. User data can be easily transferred from other systems. You define which users are allowed to access which assets, folders, collections or areas of the portal.
  • Personalization for a better user experienceBy personalizing the portal for visitors, you provide them with an enhanced user experience. Once they log in, you can show them precisely the areas and files that are relevant to them. Users can create their own file collections, view their download history and much more.
  • High user-friendlinessYour employees can edit the content of the portal and keep the digital assets up-to-date, without requiring a long period of training. With Scrivito’s WYSIWYG principle, when editing content your editors can immediately see how the pages appear on desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Simple version managementYour DAM system from JustRelate offers convenient version management with many features. For example, you can make individual versions available only for a specified period of time, add comments about changes, or have files archived automatically.
  • Comfortable search function and use of metadataUsers can find the desired assets in seconds with your platform’s powerful search function, and search results can be conveniently filtered. File metadata is also used for the search - including automatically captured data such as the EXIF information of photos.

Individual Workflows for Editors

For both editing the portal's subpages and managing your digital assets, you can define roles for users and complex workflows that are perfectly aligned with your company's processes. 

Maximum Security and Data Protection

Because your portal from JustRelate uses a state-of-the-art cloud architecture, it has very little exposure to hackers. It's also easy to implement all compliance requirements, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Short Load Times and High Availability

Through Amazon Web Services (AWS) all content and assets are as geographically close as possible to users and load at lightning speed. There is no downtime, even during extreme peak periods. 

Detailed User Statistics 

You can measure and analyze all user activity for your brand portal management. The knowledge gained from this enables you to design your marketing more effectively and satisfy all stakeholders. 

Other Features 

Your brand portal software and DAM system from JustRelate offers a wealth of other functions for your portal planning and development. You also have the option of continuously expanding the range of features through in-house development and the connection of third-party systems. 

  • Automatic addition of digital watermarks to files
  • Export of assets to various file formats
  • Integrated preview function for PDFs, presentations, videos, etc.
  • Tools for image and video editing
  • Organizing assets into collections
  • Batch processing of files
  • Face recognition for keywording 
  • OCR / text recognition, for example, to automatically capture text in images
  • Online courses that teach users how to use your brand and corporate design correctly