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JustRelate Create Suite
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JustRelate CX Cloud

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With the JustRelate Create Suite, you can create experiences for every channel, device, and region. The web application builder and email design functions allow you to realize impressive, cross-channel customer engagement. 

  • Web interface builder
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Digital workspaces
  • Email message designer
  • Messaging (SMS / WhatsApp)
  • Social media 
  • Digital asset definition
JustRelate CX Cloud - Create Suite

Future-proof web application builder

The JustRelate Create Suite provides flexible, scalable and secure web application builder capabilities designed to orchestrate digital experiences globally across multiple channels, respond quickly to market changes and deliver great results cost-effectively.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    The web application builder is designed as a flexible foundation for all your websites and applications. It delivers content for all types of channels and devices. It is also easy to use, secure, scalable, and fast for users worldwide.

  • Deliver results fast

    Get results fast, integrate websites and web applications with other systems via APIs, and deliver content via a global CDN from a single content hub. Reduce project effort thanks to popular and proven technologies such as JavaScript and React.

  • Deliver your content to any channel or device

    The JustRelate CX Cloud can be used as an enterprise-wide omnichannel platform and delivers digital assets to every channel, device, or (IoT) application—including responsive and mobile front ends, wearables, and voice assistants.

Unforgettable and highly innovative

Great emails for your customers

Designed for CRM and marketing teams, our email designer helps you create innovative, fully compliant email campaigns in just a few clicks. Advanced technology for a simple solution: Designing a 100% compliant email has never been easier with our email designer. Forget the code, take control of the process and let your creativity run wild!

  • Create memorable emails in minutes
    Drag and drop to create emails, templates, campaigns and newsletters in minutes. Videos, backgrounds, GIFS... With JustRelate Create Suite, you can embed all kinds of content and push the technical boundaries of email. 
  • Easy to use
    With its drag-and-drop design system, email builder is a completely intuitive, easy-to-use and collaborative no-code solution. Fully interoperable, our solution is recognized as a market standard.
  • International solution
    Available in 5 languages, the system also allows you to manage the creation and adaptation of your campaigns in different languages.

Efficient campaigns

The Create Suite enables efficient campaign creation and customization through seamless team collaboration.

High quality, low costs

Training costs are kept low by ensuring quality and intuitive operation. 


Fast time to market

A low-code approach significantly reduces development time and accelerates time to market.

Global scalability

Multi-channel availability enables scalable deployment worldwide to meet global needs.

JustRelate Create Suite
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