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Engage customers and prospects at every touch point: in person or digitally through visits, events, print, phone, web, email, messaging, and social media to drive complex sales of configurable products and services.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Handling of customer data
  • Marketing automation
  • Configure price quote
  • Service management
JustRelate CX Cloud - Engage Suite

Next level customer relationship management

The JustRelate Engage Suite offers a highly flexible standard CRM solution that can be implemented and customized quickly. It is perfect for medium-sized and large companies.

Alongside traditional contact and activity management, the Engage Suite equips you with a comprehensive set of tools for locating and organizing your CRM data. It also ensures your personal data handling is fully compliant with data protection regulations, including the GDPR, providing you with a sense of security

  • Support sales
    The Engage Suite helps you increase sales and reduce expenditures. It allows you to maintain a constant overview of sales so that you can act with foresight.

  • Empower marketing
    Your marketing department will be able to carry out simple or multi-dimensional campaigns quickly and easily to generate targeted interest in your products and services.

  • Expand service
    The Engage Suite offers you a central system for your helpdesk, for scheduling the service field staff, for ticket management, and for controlling your service sales and contract management. Mobile solutions support you on-site and in processing, recording, and providing feedback on service calls, even when no network is available.

Configure and quote smarter, sell faster!

The Engage Suite offers medium-sized and large companies everything they need for product configuration, price calculation, and quotation creation. Sales staff and customers can configure even the most complex products quickly and easily themselves.

  • Guided selling
    With Guided Selling, prospective customers can configure products on websites by themselves, even without any prior knowledge. After the customer has answered a few questions about their requirements and wishes, they automatically receive information about technical parameters, prices, and delivery times. Images, 3D models, and videos can also be displayed for the configured product to provide visual support.

  • Find products easily
    When customers search for products on a company's website, they often have to use a hierarchical search for product groups and categories. To do this, they usually need prior knowledge of the products. Using the Engage Suite as a product finder, customers can easily find what they want on your website using parameters such as requirement attributes and general conditions.


Cross-channel capabilities

Marketing, sales and service capabilities are seamlessly integrated across different channels. This enables consistent interaction with customers on all platforms.

Fast, accurate quotes

Complex product configurations are easily handled, resulting in high quality, fast quotes. As a result, companies can respond more quickly to customer demands and increase efficiency.


Legally compliant emails

Bulk and transactional emails are sent in compliance with the GDPR. Consent management is integrated to fulfill legal requirements and strengthen customer trust.

Efficient B2B sales projects

Complex, consultation-intensive, and strategic B2B sales projects can be handled efficiently. Optimized sales processes support the sales team in achieving their goals.


Integration is key

CPQ and CRM solutions use require excellent integration into existing systems such as ERP, DMS, and PIM. The Engage Suite offers flexible connectors and integrations with which the software can fully integrate into the existing system landscape. For example, data can be used for configuration and calculation without any programming effort, and quotation data can be transferred directly to the ERP.

Rethinking sales

Become more successful with the Engage Suite

  • Unlocking competitive advantages 
    The Engage Suite helps companies secure competitive advantages by offering comprehensive functions for cross-selling and upselling. With its help, companies can optimize their product portfolio and diversity, giving customers a clear overview of all available options. At the same time, the software enables a deep understanding of customers' wishes and needs, resulting in customized offers. In addition, channel portals open up new opportunities as an additional source of revenue to further increase sales.
  • Reduce your sales process costs
    Thanks to its fast configuration, automatic price calculation, and quotation generation, it saves costs and considerably saves sales staff time. In addition, fewer resources are required, which increases efficiency and speeds up the training of new employees. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, customers need less assistance, which further increases the overall efficiency of the sales process.
  • Minimise risks
    The Engage Suite transforms pricing and quoting by minimizing mistakes and eliminating impossible product combinations. It breaks the link between product knowledge and individual employees and ensures that all compliance requirements, including GDPR, are met. It also offers the highest security standards to protect sensitive data and strengthen customer trust.
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