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VDM Metals GroupThe CRM system serves as a central integration platform

Valance Petit-Damico

"The CRM functionality of the JustRelate Engagement Suite is one of the key strategic business applications in our IT landscape. This is thanks to its high flexibility, deep integration and its functionality which is probably unique on the market."

Jill Madelin Christ

Project Manager CRM

About VDM Metals

VDM Metals has been developing materials for particularly demanding applications for over 90 years. With a delivery volume of over 40,000 tons, the company is the world market leader for high-performance materials used in the chemical process industry, the oil and gas industry, aviation, automotive engineering and electrical engineering. VDM Metals has 21 subsidiaries in Europe, North and Central America, Asia and Australia. VDM Metals is part of the Spanish Acerinox Group.


Excel-based solutions were to be replaced by a central CRM system in order to get a better overview of all international processes. 

This was required because the various departments and branches around the world were working with different ERP systems and only had access to their own department's data. 

Furthermore, compliance measures imposed by the EU had to be implemented, related to, for example, terrorist groups or organizations subject to economic or legal sanctions. 

This was not possible with the decentralized data stock.


To eliminate data silos, isolated applications were abolished and a common, streamlined process was implemented in JustRelates CRM. VDM’s ERP systems, SAP and Sage500, were integrated. The new solution synchronizes lead contacts and customers with the existing ERP systems, as well as synchronizing customers’ open items and credit limits. This turns our CRM into one central data pool that can be accessed by all departments and subsidiaries worldwide. As the centerpiece of VDM’s digital infrastructure, the CRM system was also connected to the company’s compliance tool. Following the transfer of all VDM contacts to the new CRM, VDM can now check the data centrally and with significantly less effort.


JustRelates CRM was established as VDM’s central integration platform. The high-performance integration with both ERP systems means ERP data is available for further analyses and reports in the new CRM. In addition, seamless workflows were implemented and are being continuously refined and optimized. All contact details are subjected to compliance checks to ensure that VDM is not inadvertently dealing with terrorists. The sales and service departments benefit from a shared knowledge base and know what their colleagues are working on. The common working platform has led to greater transparency and efficiency gains in almost all customer-facing areas of VDM Metals.