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Retain customers with self-service portals and facilitate service, customer success, cross- and up-selling, and other after-sales activities at a reasonable cost, around the clock, and around the world.

  • Portals for customers, sales, suppliers, distributors and employees
  • User management
  • Support, field service and helpdesk
  • Documentation
JustRelate CX Cloud - Retain Suite

Customer portals and channel portals

With a portal based on the Engage Suite, you stand out from your competitors and show that your customers take center stage. You significantly increase the satisfaction of your business partners and customers and strengthen their identification with your company. 

Digitizing the interfaces between your company and your customers or business partners enables unprecedented process transparency. A high degree of automation helps to reduce costs and avoid errors. 

A perfect customer experience also increases the duration and quality of the customer relationship and, therefore, the customer lifetime value (CLV). 

  • Increase sales
    Your portal is a powerful instrument for customer engagement, for expanding your channels, and for your marketing and sales employees.

  • Get to know your customers and partners 
    All portal activities can be measured and analyzed in compliance with data protection regulations. It allows you to work even more efficiently in marketing, sales, product management, and support.

  • Impress your visitors
    Create unforgettable experiences on your portal and inspire your visitors. We use state-of-the-art technologies to enable you to gain this competitive advantage.

Digital events for B2B

Digital events can help you reach new audiences and improve the customer experience.

An online event platform includes many components such as registration, email campaigns, live streams of presentations, 3D showrooms, sales pitches, customized follow-up communication, and so on. JustRelate works with you to develop the platform for all types of digital events.

  • Significantly expand your audience
    You can connect with prospects, customers and retailers who did not attend an onsite event. In a survey of event managers, 80% said their digital events had more guests than traditional events.
  • Lead generation made easy
    With JustRelate, your sales reps have the best conditions to acquire prospects directly - for example in virtual showrooms, breakout sessions or (video) chats. Provide a positive experience for your customers and strengthen your relationship with them.

Customer self-service and hybrid service

Customers will be able to resolve many issues themselves, increasing satisfaction and relieving the workload on customer service. At the same time, a combination of personal and digital interactions optimizes both service and sales.

Guided selling and sales support

Guided selling leads sales employees efficiently through the sales process and increases the success rate. In addition, sales support measures such as training and resources help the sales team work more effectively.


Employee and channel experience

An optimised experience for employees and sales partners increases their satisfaction and performance, leading to better customer service and increased sales.

eLearning for continuous, cost-effective training

Online learning opportunities enable ongoing employee education and training. This improves their skills and contributes to the company's overall development.


Rethinking efficiency

B2B ecommerce

With your e-commerce platform, you increase your sales, establish long-term business relationships, and save costs.

  • A fully integrated e-commerce platform
    Your platform enables the integration of existing systems via APIs. This means, for example, that customer data is taken from the CRM system and inventory from the ERP system. Additionally, you can integrate shipping service providers, payment systems, or marketing tools. 
  • Digital customer advice and personalization
    You can use (video) chats and virtual product presentations to help your customers make a purchase decision. An automated buying process, or one guided by a sales advisor, can help customers when ordering products that require an explanation. Through an individualized customer experience, you can offer your visitors personalized products tailored to their demands and profit from cross-selling and upselling.
  • Omnichannel e-commerce on all devices
    Because of the platform's modern and completely modular headless architecture, you can serve your customers at every touchpoint, such as via smartphones, tablets, wearables, language assistants, B2B marketplaces, or in your shop. 
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