Your Way to Us

A Step-by-Step Guide of Your Job Application Process

1. Your Application: We Want to Get to Know You!

We’re happy to receive your application documents. Typically, your CV combined with your salary expectations and the earliest starting date is enough!

Regarding further information, we will nevertheless be happy with a cover letter including why you applied for this position, references, and certificates. Please fill in our job application form or send your application to

2. We Are Curious: Analyzing Your Documents

Give us some time to analyze your documents in depth. They will be sighted by our specialists and our HR department. We try to give you an answer as soon as possible. This can be very fast, but sometimes it takes up to 4 weeks. During the whole application process, our colleagues Erika Schaknowski and Aljoscha Hehlke are gladly available.

3. Invitation to the Interview: Show Us Who You Are

As soon as your application arouses an interest, we invite you to our office in Berlin. The interview is in our rooms in the headquarters at Kitzingstraße 15. From the JustRelate team, two to three persons participate in this appointment. These are people from the respective department and the HR department. This meeting takes about one to two hours. Depending on which position you have applied for, a short test can be involved. No later than one week we let you know our decision and request you let us know too. 

4. Now It Begins: Welcome to the Team

We look forward to you and a long, successful collaboration. A professional, open, and sympathetic team awaits you!