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You Asked For It - Scrivito Features & Benefits

The web is changing at a truly fast pace! New technologies break into the market more rapidly than before. The period of caution and skepticism grows shorter, as the IT world has finally understood the impact of being stuck for too long on technologies which are reliable but outdated. The time to leave old CMSs has arrived: jump into the cloud with Scrivito!

Meet Scrivito: A Real Cloud-Based CMS

Most legacy CMSs, whether commercial or open source, are not native cloud CMS applications operating as a software service. Most CMSs advertising an integrated cloud solution simply install their software on a dedicated remote virtual server somewhere in the cloud for each customer. Hosting in the cloud and offering a cloud service is not the same thing. The real difference between a native cloud and a fake cloud CMS is that a genuine native cloud CMS is a true multi-tenant service, taking care of itself: there is no need for a system administrator to install, run, update, monitor, create new instances, scale, and secure the CMS, this is all taken care of for you. Additionally, a real cloud-based CMS runs on world-class data centers that meet the highest security standards: full redundancy, scalability, and constant full-time monitoring to get a typical uptime of 99.9+%.

Add a built-in content delivery network (CDN) to further enhance content delivery performance and you get Scrivito: a professional, natively cloud-based CMS with advanced editing features.

The CMS That Grows with Your Project

With Scrivito you don’t have to build your application around the CMS; it integrates within your web app. You don’t have to rewrite your code around it, and you don’t need to adopt another technology when your product grows up. Scrivito is perfect for a single page site just starting out all the way to an enterprise CMS encompassing hundreds of pages and thousands of pieces of content: it adapts and grows with you.

The Only CMS with Working Copies (and You’ll Love Them!)

When you begin editing a page in Scrivito, you create a working copy; a virtual snapshot of your site. Every editor can work on their own working copy independently or in collaboration. Changes in working copies can then be merged, discarded or overridden as needed before publishing. Changes can also be moved from one working copy to another, allowing you to publish only what is ready. If you appreciate Git’s workflow, Scrivito’s working copies provide the same comfortable workflow. No other CMS integrates this feature, and it is a real blessing for team organization, collaboration, and productivity.

Fast and Intuitive Editing

A lot of time editing a website is looking at it and making changes based on the visual “feel”. At times, it is very difficult to explain how something should look and have a developer make the change. Often, there are hundreds of these back-and-forth cycles to get your site just right. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) with Scrivito.

With Scrivito’s drag and drop interface and in-place editing, editors can make the changes directly on the virtual copy of the site and see the difference instantly. If you are a web designer with a desktop publishing background, you certainly remember the good old times when composing a page was just a matter of moving text and image boxes around with Quark XPress (ok, it was much more complicated than that, but still more straightforward than coding a web page). Most CMSs have a separate composing interface that makes you regret those old golden times, but with Scrivito you get a fast, easy and reassuring drag and drop interface with in-place editing.

In a standard workflow, images are edited externally with a professional image editor, but sometimes in-place editing is ideal for small modifications. Scrivito integrates an image editor with a wide array of tools to enhance, scale or crop the images without making them over-compressed or unnecessarily heavy. Besides the typical contrast, brightness, saturation, scale, crop and rotate functions, there are others that help to redefine what an in-app image editor is capable of: Radial blur, tilt-shift frames and a rich filter gallery can add a touch of freshness and refinement to your pages. Scrivito has all this and more features that are just not found in other CMSs.

Forgot to Save Your Work? No Problem.

If you are the kind of person that fears bad things happening when composing their work, with Scrivito you don't have to be afraid of losing your work ever again since an auto-save system is always active in your working copy. Additionally, Scrivito provides archived versions of the entire website. Archived versions allow you to revert to a previous version of the site should you publish mistakenly or wish to restore a previous edition. No more fire alarms because something is wrong or information has changed, you are in control.

Be Fast and Climb up Google’s Ranks

Speed is obviously a nice added value for a website; visitors enjoy a fast browsing experience and they may even prematurely abandon a sluggish and slow website. Speed has also become a crucial factor in Google’s search rank system, which assigns higher scores to fast and responsive pages with very few internal HTTP requests. One important way to achieve this is to serve your assets from a Content Delivery Network, a CDN. The good news is that you don’t have to sign up for an external CDN service and configure it since Scrivito has built-in CDN support included.

Mobile Bandwidth Is Precious: You Won’t Waste It with Scrivito

The mobile scene is growing as we speak but the infrastructure has a hard time keeping up with the pace. On mobile, bandwidth is not so abundant or reliable. So, the first step to undertake in optimizing a website for mobile is to avoid serving the same extra-large background images of the desktop version. For example, an image of 2560 x 1440 px can be roughly 350 Kb while if we scale it to 1334 x 750 px (already optimized for retina displays) it is roughly half. If we are able to serve to mobile devices only the images that are specifically optimized, we could achieve a 50% load reduction; not bad, right? Again, Scrivito has the ideal answer to the problem; the assets can be server-side processed so that only the properly sized image is served to mobile devices. Your bandwidth says: thank you!

Advanced SEO Tools

It’s not easy to cope with SEO; the ranking algorithms change at a fast pace, probably faster than your website’s redesign schedule, and your ranking can fall dramatically without immediately being aware of the reasons. That’s why most businesses hand their SEO over to expensive specialists. SEO agencies are not for every purse; that’s the reason why the development team of Scrivito has devoted resources to fit out Scrivito with top class SEO tools to make a website compliant to the most important requirements.

Right out of the box, Scrivito can improve your optimization by simply making your site look more professional and more relevant to search engines, ensuring that your site has clean code. The code from most content management systems is all too often a mess, but Scrivito generates clean, efficient code with zero HTML or CSS errors that typically result in a big ranking penalty.

As mentioned earlier, Scrivito serves the assets through a CDN; this reduces a page’s load time drastically and this is a huge boost to climb up search ranks.

As almost everyone with a website is aware, Google recently changed their mobile search algorithm (again) to prioritize mobile-friendly sites for searches conducted on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you aren’t showing up in the search results and this makes mobile optimization a critical factor. Scrivito offers the right tools to develop a proper mobile-optimized version of a website, including server-side automatic image resizing; something that search engines love.

Scrivito can also take care of one of the most dreaded webmaster’s nightmares: dead links. Link quality can have a severe impact on your SEO ranking and they must be avoided at any cost. Scrivito’s advanced SEO features will help you improve your link quality by integrating automatic handling and recognition of links. A unique ID is appended to the URL destinations of all links, ensuring a stable link structure and eliminating the risk of broken links. If you ever restructure your site, your link destinations will still be valid.

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