What We Do

How We Work

JustRelate is a one-stop shop for Customer Experience Platforms (CXP) with over 30 years of experience and more than 1,000 successfully completed projects

What We Do

  • DX/CX Platforms for DigitalizationOur customers hire us to build customer relationship management systems, customer portals, self-service websites, intranets, eCommerce platforms, virtual experience portals, web apps and more.
  • Professional ServicesHand over the full lifecycle of your next digital product from strategy through consulting, UX design, software development, training, and dev-operations.
  • Managed TeamsExpand your application development team with the right expertise when you  need it most. Choose the best fit for your needs from a library of expert profiles. Boost your development to meet your business goals in-time.
  • ConsultingImprove your marketing activities, transform sales and service processes, and build long-term digital relations with your stakeholders using our experts’ knowledge. 
  • Project ManagementGuarantee profitability, quality, and meeting deadlines thanks to agile project management and a battle-proven project management toolkit.
  • Cloud Infrastructure ManagementFocus on what’s most important for you: your business logic. Leave running your cloud infrastructure and your digital products to us.

How We Work

  • Employing the best solution and best practices to create solutions to digital challenges in B2B marketing, sales and service.
  • Providing a one-stop shop and a single point of contact to keep end-to-end project flow seamless.
  • Ensuring 24/365 availability, highest scalability, and enterprise-grade security by utilizing best-in-class cloud providers.
  • Providing experienced, cross-functional teams to easily solve complex technical and business issues.
  • Applying modern design and technology through API-first architecture, using proven UX principles and a low code approach.
  • Delivering a maximum of benefits as soon as possible using value-driven development and blending business and IT.
  • Keeping projects in time and budget thanks to staying agile, efficient, and quality-oriented.
  • Delivering internationally, serving as a single provider for international enterprises.