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What Exactly Is the Scrivito Example App?

Scrivito is a decoupled CMS, which means you can either use it as a headless content management system and develop your application to manage and retrieve information via a rich set of APIs or use the “head” we created and include in every Scrivito CMS.

We call this head an “Example App” because it’s a showpiece regarding what can be achieved using Scrivito. Don’t get confused by the name. It’s a web application that was built with Scrivito and is thus equipped with highly intuitive and convenient content editing tools plus a selection of page types and widgets enabling editors to create and change the content in place, and developers to quickly grasp the underlying principles.

Scrivito example app homepage

For a generic website, the Example App has all the widgets you need, and you will want only to change how the templates look, and then directly start adding your content.

What’s inside the Example App? 

As soon as you log in to Scrivito to edit your new website, you can start working on the example pages we provide, create new pages, and remove unwanted ones. You can set up a free 30-day trial and experiment at your will. Below, you can see the list of widgets the Example App currently includes.

Scrivito widgets

Features and Benefits Delivered with the Example App

The Example App is not only an easy to use and powerful WYSIWYG content editor. Additionally, you can, for example, assign user roles to collaborators to control publishing, or integrate the app with any 3rd-party service you wish. Here’s what you will most probably benefit from in your organization:

  • WYSIWYG EditorEasy to learn and pleasure to work with. Focused on efficient editing: drag-and-drop widgets, content blocks, working copies, autosaving, and more.
  • Live CollaborationEnable your team to collaborate more efficiently. With Scrivito, any number of editors can work on the same content and see the changes their colleagues make in real-time.
  • Multi-Device PreviewEliminate problems with content breaking on different devices by letting editors preview pages using common screen sizes: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices’ screens.
  • User Roles and Content WorkflowsMake sure no content is published without a review and double-checking. Using workflows, you can define responsibilities in the editorial cycle. You can also open areas of your website only to those staff members sufficiently experienced to work on the content concerned.
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)Deliver your digital assets to end-users super fast, from a nearby physical location, thanks to a world-class, global CDN Scrivito utilizes.
  • User AuthenticationAllow or require your editors, users, and visitors to log in. Single sign-on (SSO) provides cross-website authentication for your projects. Scrivito offers multiple ways of authenticating, including Auth0, Google, and GitHub.
  • GDPR CompliantScrivito is 100% GDPR compliant. The measures we take to ensure conformity with the applicable laws are detailed in the documents available on our Terms of Service page.
  • Search Powered by ElasticAll indexing and searching is performed by a fast and reliable Elasticsearch cluster. Indexing is done on the fly not only in the published content but even in your working copies.
  • RollbacksRollbacks allow you to instantly revert published changes to eliminate reputational and legal risks when wrong content is pushed live. With Scrivito, editors can roll back to previous content versions in seconds.
  • Content VersioningYour editorial team needs to be able to create many versions of the same page in order not to get locked down by, for example, other changes that got stuck in the approval process. Scrivito editors can create as many working copies as they need and preview their changes before publishing them.
  • Image EditingScrivito has an image editor built-in, which makes it fast and easy to trim, flip, apply filters, and do other image operations.
  • AutosavingChanges are saved by Scrivito automatically, with every keystroke, so you can be sure that all of your work is saved without having to take action.
  • Metadata ManagementScrivito uses metadata management for all digital assets to make it easy to find them using the built-in search engine, for example.
  • Social Media IntegrationFacebook and Twitter handles are built-in, so editors can change how a page will look like when shared on these social media platforms.
  • Ready Integration with Popular PlatformsFor not having to reinvent the wheel, you can use a rich library of available integrations with many popular platforms like SalesForce, Slack, HubSpot, and more.

Scrivito Can Be the Backbone of Your Web Projects

The Scrivito Example App is already very well equipped, but there’s also more than enough room to realize your individual wishes and requirements. The CMS is designed to be flexible, allowing you to completely extend and customize your web projects. It’s designed to be a content hub, a central place, to store, manage and deliver your content and digital assets to all your applications.

Built on React and the JAMstack architecture, the greater ecosystem is an opportunity for integrating with many systems. Essentially, every service offering a RESTful API can be integrated with Scrivito – and even packed into a widget, enabling editors to easily place it anywhere on the website.

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