A personality test helps the visitor find a heating system

Website Relaunch: Double-Digit Increase in Number of Leads 

The Heizung.de website needed to generate more leads and be easier to manage. So we were charged with the relaunch. The new pages were a huge success, resulting in a double-digit increase in the number of leads. This was accomplished by providing more information, helpful consulting tools as well as fast and search-machine friendly pages and thanks to a high-performance CMS.

The Heizung.de website needed to be revamped. Viessmann, one of the leading manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems worldwide, was aiming to gain more interested parties through the domain Heizung.de. The most important requirements: Individualized consulting tools, simplified editing of the content, improved administration and faster response times. Viessmann decided on Scrivito – our Cloud CMS solution – as the technical basis.

A Personality Test Helps the Visitor Find a Heating System

“What kind of heating person are you and which heating suits you best? Are you environmentalist, an innovator or more the self-sufficient type? Find out here,” Heizung.de invites its visitors to perform a personality test. The visitor answers six questions and then learns what kind of heating type they are. For example, heating systems such as fuel cells or heat pumps are linked to the "environmentally friendly" type. With each answer, points are collected that correspond to a specific heating system.

The six questions are part of a large matrix that links questions and answers to one another. We integrated this question-answer matrix in a widget. A widget is a small reusable program element that can be adapted flexibly by the editors of Heizung.de. They can edit the design, the questions and the answers at will.

Following the test, the visitor can ask to obtain the results and a free expert consulting. To take advantage of this option, the visitor enters his/her contact data in a web form. Additional potential customers are obtained with the personality test. The resulting leads are qualified and processed by a CMS system. Here, they sought our assistance once again. The sending of the e-mail responses and the scheduling of appointments was to be automated to the greatest extent possible.

The Web-Site Is Linked with the CRM and Other Databases 

When the visitor enters his/her data in a web form, a link is activated to the Salesforce CRM. To that end, we included a plausibility check in the web forms that, for instance, only accepts permissible e-mail addresses. The connection to Salesforce with a secure authentication then occurs through an interface that we generated. The data are transmitted and set off automated actions such as sending e-mails or making appointments for consultations. If there is no reaction, a follow-up occurs after several days.

We set up another link to the website so that the visitor can take advantage of the offer “Find the right heating expert.” By entering their hometown or a post code in the web form, a Viessmann contract partner can be selected from a database. The user can also further define the results by entering the distance and type of heating. We developed an additional widget so that the visitor can see the plumber’s location via Google Maps. The search for a suitable plumber is very efficient. This was made possible because the queries are not routed directly to the Viessmann database, but access a copy of the database in the cloud. A background service ensures that every change in the Viessmann partner database is transferred to this copy.

How We Solved the Special Challenges

The search function for a suitable plumber proved to be a special challenge for the relaunch of Heizung.de. The website had previously been implemented with the Wordpress CMS. This already provided a search function for plumbers. The function had been implemented in such a way, however, that a single page was generated for every plumber. This then provided more than 50,000 individual pages, which reduced performance significantly and made managing the data difficult. With the completely new implementation of a database in the cloud, we have made the service much faster. For example, we either transferred the old content from Wordpress unchanged with an automated transfer process or developed suitable alternatives.

Heizung.de now employs our Scrivito content management system. Scrivito was developed by Infopark. It differs from other CMS, amongst other things, in that it is 100% cloud-based. It does not require that the company have its own server which then has to be administered by an IT department. This means there are no worries about updates and security patches being handled in good time.

Managing the pages is easier with Scrivito. This includes the use of widgets that are suitable for simple functions like embedding Google Maps as well as for complex services such as a personality test. The editor inserts widgets into the page by means of drag and drop and then moves them around until he/she has found the right spot. The slider on the landing page of Heiung.de is a widget that we developed. Depending on the user experience, the editor can modify the title or the text by calling it up with a mouse-click and then changing it. 

Simplified SEO Optimization 

Our CMS Scrivito makes Heizung.de more attractive for search engines in three different ways. Following the relaunch, the website is faster as a result of the high-performance CMS. In addition, the editor is supported in the setting of mega-tags such as the title, meta description, markups or social media tags.

Another effect is important. Offers such as the personality test make the website more interesting and increase the visitor’s time on site with the response to questions. The interaction of the visitors and the time on site are relevant factors for SEO ranking, they improve the position at Google and result in more hits and leads.

About Viessmann

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems. Viessmann is internationally oriented with 55 percent of sales coming from outside of Germany. The family-owned business employs 12,100 persons in 23 production companies in 12 countries and has sales organizations and representatives in 74 countries.