VDM Metals relies on PisaSales when it comes to CRM

The VDM Metals Group, one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance metallic materials, will optimize its customer-oriented processes in future with CRM software from PisaSales.

International locations will also be connected to PisaSales CRM during the rollout.

The history of the long-established company VDM Metals goes back to the year 1930, when the “Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG” (short: VDM) was founded. Today, the globally active group of companies with over 2,000 employees at five production sites in Germany and two plants in the USA is one of the leading producers of nickel alloys and special stainless steels. VDM Metals sheets, strips, wires and rods are used in a wide variety of applications, for example in aviation, automotive engineering, oil and gas production, chemical and environmental engineering.

The main objective of the CRM introduction at VDM Metals is to bundle all information in a central and easy-to-use system for maximum transparency in customer management. All users of the system benefit from uniform customer data management with a multitude of analytical functions.

The sales department is supported throughout all sales phases with transparent lead and quote tracking. Users can also access all relevant CRM data via a smartphone app. The marketing team at VDM can quickly and easily select target groups from almost all fields and relationships mapped in the system and plan, execute and evaluate events including invitation campaigns directly in the CRM.

To ensure smooth processes, the PisaSales CRM is linked to AEB’s “Compliance Screening” tool. Thanks to the API, a complete and automated sanction list check of master data and business processes is guaranteed directly in the CRM to protect against violations of existing sanction regulations. The next expansion stage of the CRM project also envisages connecting international branches and sales offices to the PisaSales CRM.
For more information about the VDM Metals Group, please visit www.vdm-metals.com/en/