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Scrivito is Rocking Hamburg at OMR 2019

We were very happy to be an exhibitor at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival in Hamburg for the first time. Every year, the online marketing scene meets here to announce and discuss the newest trends. One or another party is of course also celebrated ;)

This year, the OMR Festival counts over 400 exhibitors, 52,000 visitors, 1,000 influencers, 5,000 brands, 1,500 CMO’s and 150 masterclasses.

It was a great experience to introduce our Scrivito CMS to Europe's leading digital marketing event and countless marketing enthusiasts. It was really amazing to see how many people tested our demo and were interested in Scrivito's benefits. We made many new contacts and garnered very valuable insights.

Our Masterclass was also a huge success. To more than 100 people, our Head of Product Development, Thomas Witt, presented “The state of CMS in 2019: Headless, JAMstack, and ReactJS”. Here you can watch the whole Masterclass (only in German) as well you can find the downloadable presentation.

Of course, we also used our stay at the OMR to learn as much as possible from it. As we walked through the halls, we learned many valuable tips, what the online marketing scene is looking for in a CMS in 2019, as well as many use cases and opportunities for implementing Scrivito.

Throughout the whole event, we were impressed by so many things, especially by the surprise performances of artists such as Marteria or Casper. Whether it was a rockstar like welcome by a cool drum session, girls in futuristic golden costumes or a guy that does huge soap bubbles in front of the entrance. No matter where you looked there was a lot going on.

OMR highlites

Our conclusion: Online Marketing Rockstars is big, loud, colorful and extravagant. If you are interested in getting the latest marketing trends first-hand, then OMR is just what you are looking for. As a visitor, you can intensively deal with the approaches of newcomers and big brands and profit in the Masterclass lectures of even deeper insights. As an exhibitor, we had the opportunity to successfully present our CMS Scrivito to a large number of marketing enthusiasts. That’s why the OMR Festival 2020 is already scheduled in our calendars, and we will certainly incorporate some ideas and inspiration for our participation in DMEXCO in September. As well we are thinking about how to refine our Digital:Relaunch conference in 2020.

Remember to book your ticket now!

Wroclove.RB is already behind us!

Last weekend, our programmers participated in WrocLove.RB, a conference sponsored by Infopark Group GmbH, full of interesting lectures and workshops. Our colleague Gregg was particularly close to the meetings "How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack / Ruby" (well done Dávid Halász, Redhat Inc !!!!), "Development with Axioms" (great job Martin Gamsjaeger) and the absolute top of the tops - Chris Seaton from Oracle and his "The TruffleRuby Compilation Pipeline".

"It's a nice thing to test existing projects and their performance on TruffleRuby," Gregg admits. Daniel also liked the meeting with an expert from TruffleRuby, but his highlight was the presentation "Building UIs for Microservices". Ethan Garofolo gave a summary about the change that took place in the world of web applications, "showed a modern approach to building interfaces, what to remember, what it should look like."

-> Inspired, we go back to our projects and look forward to next meetups and conferences.

HOWDY! Berlin goes SXSW… and back.

by Conni

4 days, 10 inspiring meetups, and tons of tasty tacos with great music and amazin company - The Infopark team had a hoot over yonder and thought we would round up our experience and impressions of the shindig, in case you missed it or if y’all can’t remember.

The South by Southwest Conference & Festival attracts over 400,000 visitors from more than 90 countries each year. That makes it one of the world’s largest events for the international digital and creative economy, celebrating the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries during various sessions, showcases, exhibitions, parties, and networking that takes place mid-March in Austin, Texas. Of course, it is the best location for presenting Europe’s leading startup metropolis Berlin! So we did. We hosted the BerlinSaloon from March 7 to 10 at SXSW 2019, together with Berlin Partner. Our Texas experience was a huge success and we'd like to thank you for joining and supporting us. It was a pleasure to be with you, especially during:

  • Inspiring meetups with our genuine experts and brilliant specialists, talking about the future of technology, web development, cloud computing, healthtech, artificial intelligence and many other amazing topics.
  • Great networking time with so many great minds exchanging ideas
  • effective co-working at our BerlinCafe.
  • Intense parties with our talented Berlin-based artists.

The BerlinSaloon was visible all around the Austin Convention Center by the use of posters and stickers. There is a lot going on during SXSW the competition was hard but we managed to stand out prominently. ;)
Yes, the word has spread. The BerlinSaloon was a place to be.

Starting with the "Opening Party" on Thursday, the legendary DJ Quid Haden introduced the BerlinSaloon with his electro mix, which is typical of Berlin's nightlife. On the next day at the “Make it happen in Berlin Meetup” we got to know the disruptive technologies from Berlin and its partner city Warsaw, sponsored by SIBB and Mazovia Cluster ICT. Afterwards, Robert Fuentes provided an environment where developers could gather and share experiences while working with React and frontend ecosystems. In the “JAMstack and Cloud Meetup” our CTO Thomas Witt presented JAMstack as a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and better developer experience. He also introduced our JavaScript based content management system, Scrivito. Following this meetup we had the honour to witness Sandy Carter, president of Amazon Web Services, giving an interesting talk containing many insights about innovation processes at AWS. A day full of great impressions, which, as always, concluded with a big party. Quid Haden once again enchanted us with his music. And with his fascinating mix, Stefan Goldmann transformed the BerlinSaloon into Berlin’s most famous club, Berghain.

On Saturday we started straight away with the “Healthtech Innovation Day” powered by Startup Colors and FTR4H. After a healthy lunch Shawna Butler - a nurse, an innovator and truly inspiring women in tech, gave a talk about nurses' role in leading digital technologies. Following this interesting presentation, we had many other prominent speakers in Healthcare & SciFi Sessions talking about Blockchain & AI for impact in Healthcare. Afterwards in the meetup by Austin Fraser, leaders from the tech industry provided a circle to share successes, failures, and lessons learned in a peer-to-peer community. In the evening Quid Haden, ORI and Moritz Simon Geist brought some legendary Berlin nightlife vibes into the BerlinSaloon.

The last day was also very intense and packed with amazing meetups organised by Berlin Partner. In the re:publica talk, bestselling sci-fi author Cory Doctorow discussed Article 13 and the Copyright Directive, which is arguably the most potentially dangerous piece of internet regulation ever proposed in a democratic state. Afterwards, it was a pleasure seeing 10 of the best Berlin startups pitch on stage. Congratulations to the winner, Cellbricks, and thanks to our great judges. It was an exciting competition! The “Berlin X London Tech Meetup” started with a short welcome speech by Dr Stefan Franzke, CEO of Berlin Partner, followed by a round of networking, where we got exclusive insights about the latest tech trends. The last panel of the day started with opening words from Michelle Müntefering on the transatlantic relationship facilitated between re:publica, Reeperbahn Festival and NextMediaAccelerator through Wunderbar Together. In the “Future of Mobility Panel” experts like Paul Lafata (CEO of Daimler AG’s incubator Lab1886), Jennifer Bradley (Executive Director, Center of Urban innovation), Valerie von der Tann (General Manager ViaVan) and Markus Beckedahl (Editor-in-Chief, discussed the Digital Mobility Revolution, how access will be ensured for all members of society, who’ll benefit from the data generated and where the journey is going. In the evening the Party was booming thanks to Gurr, Sofia Portanet and Daniel Brandt. The dance floor was packed and the people were dancing like nobody's watching!

A Texas sized thanks go to Berlin Partner for hosting the BerlinSaloon together with us. Thanks to all the partners supporting us with interesting meetups. And thanks to all the folks who made the BerlinSaloon a place of nice conversations, fun and knowledge exchange. It was an incredible 4 days and we are hanker’n to see y’all next year at SXSW 2020! We were sad to git but remember we are just a hoot and holler away.

Infopark's Christmas Charity

by Dominika

Last Christmas, we decided to give the best gift - our support - to those who are in real need.

Our teammates have chosen three projects for the education of children in Africa. All projects are known to us and use 100% of the funds locally. Business partners of Infopark have voted by click for one of the projects, and we have donated 10 € per click.

As a result of the poll, which ended on December 31st, the highest donation will be given to Victoria School (48.33% of all votes) in Tanzania.

In order to escape poverty and to give the children a better future, the main goal of many Tanzanian families is to provide their children with a good education. Despite the efforts of the state, the public school system in Tanzania is in a difficult situation. There are too few schools and too few teachers. Underperforming children and those with learning disabilities have almost no chance to pass the state exams. The Viktoria School offers a good education. It is 10 kilometers away from the city center of Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania. For particularly needy families, there is a sponsorship program.

Abaana Uganda, a small association that financially and ideologically supports a children's home in Uganda and stands up in Germany for intercultural tolerance and a more differentiated picture of the African continent gained over 28.33% of all votes.

Peter Hurrelmann's aid initiative "Father Charles Convention e.V.", which improves the living conditions including clean drinking water supply and development of medical care in the 600-inhabitant village of Kasambya in western Uganda, gained 23.33% of votes.

We are grateful for your commitment!

It's THIS time of the year! Infopark's Christmas trip to Wroclaw

by Dominika

Once again the Christmas season at Infopark was celebrated with festivities and joy. This time it was even more exciting because we had a great opportunity to participate in the opening of our new office in Wroclaw, Poland.

Friday was then a special day for all of us. The Berlin team woke up quite early to assemble and board the bus by 8:00 AM to get to the beautiful capital of Lower Silesia. We arrived around noon, and our polish colleagues welcomed us with delicious traditional polish cuisine. There were Sledziki and some Bigos, Christmas carols and of course many nice thematic decorations.

It seems that gone are those days when Infopark was just a small initiative run by friends who had a dream to build a software company. Instead of stifling rooms and one computer shared between three programmers - which was our reality in 1994 - we now have great office spaces in two countries where we still tailor our products with passion and engagement. And also we know how to have fun, especially after hours. That was proven on the same afternoon when we strolled comfortably around the Wroclaw Christmas market and were enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this place.

We spent the evening in one of the best restaurants in the city, "Malarska", and enjoyed the DJ's music with delicious Pierogi and Borscht. The next morning we started with a rich breakfast and visited the Hydropolis knowledge center. Here we could learn and discover a lot of interesting things about water. The last stop of our trip was the stylish restaurant "Korba Kuchnia", where we nourished ourselves in a nice atmosphere for the trip home. With plenty of cultural impressions, well-stocked bellies and a great load of Christmas spirit, we were driven back to Berlin on Saturday afternoon. A Christmas party, which one likes to remember!

#Grill.RB #Grill.JS @ Wroclaw

by Maria

Infopark and Scrivito supported the Grill.RB and Grill.JS event this year again.

The Grill.RB event took place on the 10 - 11 of August 2018.

Ruby on Rails developers from all over Poland arrived to this event and it was a great opportunity for us to exchange our knowledge and experience with them.

The following weekend we attended the Grill.JS event where several speakers were talking about various aspects of JavaScript.

Our newest content management system Scrivito was one of the supporters and our CTO Thomas Witt contributed a talk to the Grill.JS event about "Mastering CORS in complex JavaScript-based applications".

Apart from talks there was also a nice barbecue for us at both events.

We're glad to be part of the community of the Grill.RB/Grill.JS and we are looking forward to the upcoming events

Here some photos!

2nd round of Infopark @ Grill JS & Grill RB 2018 @ Wroclaw

by Maria

We’re happy to announce that we will be for the second time a supporter of the local events Grill JS & Grill Ruby @ Wroclaw

Here are the dates:

Grill.RB will take place on the 11-12 August 2018

Grill.JS will take place on the 18-19 August 2018

We are not only gonna be supporter, also our Co-Founder of Scrivito Thomas Witt will give there a talk next to other great speakers.

We are more than excited for these upcoming events!

For everyone who is interested to join there are still some tickets available!

Here a little throwback of last year

Sponsoring of the DevOps Meetup with Pizza & Beer @ Wroclaw

by Maria

On the 18th of April 2018 Infopark had the honour to sponsor the DevOps Wroclaw Meetup which took place at the office of the software company Monterail.

Dmitry Kudelko and Mateusz Kosztuowski gave the audience a little insight of their current projects.As a sponsor of the Event we also had an opportunity to introduce ourselves-This was done by Maria Völcker who was talking about Life @ Infopark and also about our newest content management system Scrivito.

After the presentations the crowd enjoyed pizza and beer courtesy of their new friends at Infopark.

Euprio Conference Sevilla 2018

by Maria

Euprio is the assocation of higher education in Europe.

Their goal is to encourage and promote collaboration and partnership between European institutions of higher education and research in the field of communications.

Also, to make universities aware of their current challenges in a constant changing digital age in order to market themselves to young people.

About 300 people signed up this year for the conference which took place in June 2018.

In addition, our CEO Bernd Völcker had the honour to hold there a talk showing he participants how to build a digital strategy in a few easy steps.

Scrivito goes to the USA

by Maria

In February 2018 our newest content management system Scrivito was launched.

In order to help  market it to world wide, we decided that America will be the best starting point for it.

One of our highlights was the #SWSX ( South by Southwest) @ Austin, Texas.SWSX is a massive two week conference that covers  music, film and of course, everything that hot in the world of today's technology.

At SWSX Scrivito co-hosted a wildly succesful founders & entreprenuers networking event a Buffalo Billiards overlooking the main drag on the 6th Street where all the action was.

In addition, our US Director of Marketing Douglas Patten attended several more Meetups helping spreading the word about Scrivito and the advantages of a 100% maintenance free CMS.

Boarding @ Infopark - From Wroclaw to Berlin

by Maria

Infopark is actively looking for new teammates! We have job postings on all the unusual sites as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and others.These opportunity will be for our office in the beautiful citiy of Wroclaw!

But what will your  journey @ Infopark look like once you get hired ?

Once you are hired you will get the chance to live in Berlin for up up three months to ensure a quick settlement into our  team!

Wroclaw and Berlin are close but its still its a distance so its really for us that you spend time with the other members of the team in the home office while you get acquainted with the team, the product and how we work.

To make your arrival in Berlin as smooth as possible, we take care of getting you set up with a place to stay and cover the costs as well so you can focus on more important things.

On your first day, we will issue you a Macbook Pro and show you all other items you will need to not only suceed, but be the rock star you really are!

Throwback of our HR tour @ Wroclaw - Part I

by Maria

Since we have an office in Wroclaw now, we have been spending quite a bit of time, there because of the fantastic IT events and all the wonderful that attend them.

Here is a very quick summary for you.

In March 2018 our CTO Thomas Witt contributed a speech to the  local Meetup group React.js about "The JavaScript web development revolution - how serverless computing and reactjs is going to change web development".

The event was organized by the local software engineer Michal Zalecki who has been hosting these react.js meetups for quite a while.

After the presentations, there was time for networking and meeting some of the fantastic attendees.

Throwback of our HR Tour @ Wroclaw - Part II

by Maria

Meetups were not the only place you could find Infopark over the past months, we also attended several HR events such as Meetnight, Code Europe, Career Expo and the Academic Job Fair.

Every event took place at a different location, so this also gave us the ability to get to know Wroclaw better!

Additionally, we also contributed to the HR events some interesting tech talks our software developer David Császár held a talk about "Testing a Website with TestCafe".

Overall, the meetups gave us the possibility to support the local tech community, get to know the local developers, and to increase our brand awareness.

Christmas Party @ Wroclaw

by Maria

There has been quite a bit of research lately about what makes people happy at work and how companies who invest in employee satisfaction enjoy a higher level of productivity and sucess.

Within smaller companies its easier to maintain personal relationships, but it can be a very different situation with large companies

As we are company of 100+ people with three offices on two separate continents, so as you can imaging, can be a challenge.

Personal relationships within the whole company is one of our top priorities.Therefore we regularly organize regular social events for our team.

2017 we organized a Christmas trip to Wroclaw for our whole team including a overnight stay at the Sofitel, Wroclaw  to discover the Christmas market and get everyone into the holiday spirit.

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