TROX case study

This Is How We Do It - The TROX Case Study

TROX understands the art of handling air like no other company. It’s a dynamic firm and, through research and development, TROX became a global leader of innovation in ventilation systems. A business can be efficiently run only with efficient tools and TROX has chosen Scrivito to manage over 70 websites worldwide. They are proud to use it and we are happy to tell their story.

A Dynamic CMS for a Dynamic Company

Trox Headquaters

Back in 1951, in a Germany still on his knees after the devastation of the Second World War, the two resourceful Trox brothers founded a company that, only three years later, was about 75 employees in size. In 1960 they began construction of their own research and development center for acoustics, fire protection, filter technology and aerodynamics. Today, TROX has 25 subsidiary companies, revenue of over 400 million euros and 3,650 employees in over 70 countries on 5 continents.

When TROX met Scrivito, it was love at the first sight; ease of use wasn’t a hollow word. The pleasing sight of its clean code wiped out dismal memories of bloated and oversized pages and the publishing process was surprisingly fast. So Scrivito became TROX’s tool of choice for web publishing and it scaled so well that now it manages over 70 company websites worldwide.

So Easy That Everybody Can Use It

A large and dynamic firm like TROX needs dynamic websites as well; able to evolve as the company’s business does. For TROX that, often times, means weekly changes across their entire portfolio of sites. The website has to be managed internally, of course, but not just by a couple of developers. Sales managers, marketing managers, technicians as well as secretaries all need to give their contribution to a fast-paced evolving platform. Scrivito’s drag & drop interface is a blessing for such a large team of contributors and it cuts out the need to assign developers as editors, freeing them for research and development tasks.

A Dedicated Support Team, with Real Experts

Troubles, glitches, unexpected events… these are words that are familiar to anyone who works with a web platform and, unless developed internally, proper tech support is critical to keep a project from grinding to a halt. As everybody knows, most of the well-known open-source platforms do not offer a dedicated support team and every trouble you may encounter must be solved through research and personal experience. Scrivito offers dedicated technical support for every plan and that was a crucial aspect for TROX. The warmth of a human voice is always pleasant and reassuring; even better if you can give a name to that voice. That’s why clients like TROX are delighted by Scrivito’s outstanding tech support: the same familiar voices, that care about the companies issues and can quickly resolve any issues that arise are the ones they can count on when a question comes about.

Working with TROX is always a pleasure for us and we are proud that such a large and enterprising company, the world leader in indoor air conditioning and ventilation systems, has chosen Scrivito as their main tool to create and manage their internet business.

Scrivito CMS: der Content-Hub für Ihre Websites und Apps

Scrivito CMS ist unsere komplette Unternehmenslösung für Digital-Experience-Plattformen, Websites und Webanwendungen der nächsten Generation. Als Software as a Service benötigt Scrivito keine IT-Wartung. Das Content-Management-System ist äußerst flexibel und erfüllt höchste Sicherheitsstandards.