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The Top 10 Qualities of a Future-Proof Enterprise Web CMS

Websites are much more than just collections of HTML pages. Digital transformation requires an intensive dialog with the stakeholders, in which data is collected and used to develop the website. This is why today’s websites are more dynamic software applications than static media. They serve multiple purposes and need to support digital marketing, ecommerce, games, calculations, workflows, as well as manage business and production processes. Websites become web applications and deliver business functionality together with content.

What to Look for in an Enterprise Web CMS?

Compiling the final list of requirements, selection of a CMS will vary depending on your situation and market sector, but here are unique aspects we consider essential. Below we have put together a list of 10 key qualities for a future-proof web Content Management System for enterprises.

1. Enterprise Grade Security

Ignoring security can have serious consequences for an enterprise. Therefore it’s vital to make security a priority when developing and maintaining your websites and online applications. Major technology providers such as AWS continue to lead innovation providing new and effective ways to make security less of a challenge, such as their development of serverless technology removing the management of servers from the mix which presents many risks and security challenges.

How Scrivito compares

Scrivito websites run in the browser, with all dynamic functionality handled by APIs and client-side JavaScript, eliminating the need for a dedicated CMS server. The browser becomes the new integration platform with Scrivito CMS as a secure, reliable data source. Scrivito is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides the highest levels of security.

2. Robust Scalability

Prepare for the worst, expect the best - it also fits the digital strategy. Thinking about your websites you may expect that there will be thousands of people visiting it, but what if there is an amazing viral campaign and you’re flooded with millions of users at the same time? When searching for the best solution, always ask about the abilities and don’t believe those who would say that once the traffic grows, they could increase the capacity. It sounds like “we will do it too late”. Scalability should work within a blink of an eye, with no involvement on your side.

How Scrivito compares

Scrivito offers you instant, near infinite, and automatic scaling in a pay-per-use model. Scrivito grows with your demands; completely customizable for features, content objects and editors.

And the enterprise pays only for the amount of content in use. In addition to true scalability, there is no money wasted on unused and therefore overpaid capacity.

3. Top Speed around the Globe

For web performance, which means the time of loading a webpage on a user’s device, every millisecond counts. We’re all fighting for the attention of new users who are constantly served with new distractions, that’s why the speed of your website or application should be a key priority. If your site doesn’t respond quickly, you can be sure you’ll lose potential customers which will impact your bottom line. Every delay in loading information, images, movies, or web forms might cost you conversions. So the hosting technology that allows you to ensure the highest speed possible is a must.

How Scrivito compares

All digital assets in Scrivito are automatically transferred through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Scrivito’s true cloud nature takes advantage of the AWS infrastructure. AWS has the largest global infrastructure footprint of any cloud provider to deliver Scrivito’s content through a worldwide network of Points of Presence (PoP) locations, which consists of Edge Locations and Regional Edge Cache servers.

4. Close to 100% Availability

Even short breaks in the availability of your web service or a landing page for a huge sponsored campaign can have an impact on your brand’s reliability. The service should be available 24/7, with full support. Like a cloud that is spread all around the world with multiple places where backups of your data are stored and can be quickly displayed - no matter how far away the end device is.

How Scrivito compares

The availability of websites on Scrivito exceeds 99,99% even during huge traffic peaks. High uptime is guaranteed in our SLA and confirmed by all clients. The software architecture of the SaaS CMS Scrivito is fully based on distributed, fault-tolerant web services using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

5. Zero Maintenance

System administrators and webmasters know that managing a traditional CMS can be very time-consuming. The maintenance costs behind a legacy system are a major cost driver. Whether it is an open-source CMS or a commercial content management system: The initial costs are often just a fraction of what needs to be invested over the life cycle of the CMS. The total cost of ownership (TCO) to keep the CMS up and running is the main burden over time.

How Scrivito compares

Scrivito is offered in a SaaS model and you do not need to cope with any installation and maintenance. It’s all done by our experts so you can concentrate on your business. The CMS is always available and up to date because the system is provided as a web service. No data center operations are required.

6. Flexibility for Integrations

Modern websites almost always need to be integrated with other systems such as ERP or CRM in order to have the required information available and provide it to the customer in a user-friendly, orderly way. In enterprises, usually, a large number of systems need to be connected. Integrations are critical because clients expect a seamless experience when they interact with all systems of a single brand, and they want to be able to perform all the tasks quickly and easily.

How Scrivito compares

Scrivito is a headless / decoupled CMS designed to be flexible to allow you to completely extend and customize your web projects. You can integrate all your systems via a well-documented API. A rich library of ready integrations is available to save you time and resources.

To make it easy for you to integrate your websites we use the most popular and supported technologies: Javascript, React and AWS.

7. Great Simplicity and Usability

The usability of many traditional CMSs is poor. Some systems are even inoperable from the user’s point of view. This starts a downward spiral: The more difficult it is to use the CMS, the less it is actually used, quickly leading to outdated content on your websites. Intermittent use results in users getting out of practice. Time-consuming and cost-intensive training is unhelpful if the user only occasionally works with the CMS or if its complexity requires insider knowledge that is often poorly documented.

How Scrivito compares

Web CMS Scrivito is intuitive and easy to understand, even for novice users. You can place content directly on the web pages, exactly where you want and with a built-in preview, you can also instantly see how your site looks, including on different devices like mobile. The modular widget approach allows editors to flexibly build custom pages without reaching out to developers.

8. Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Managing content with the legacy approach, whether by means of open-source or commercial enterprise CMSs, is typically confined to pre-defined templates and limited structures. Changes are slow and expensive to implement. Some popular web CMSs cannot even run more than one website efficiently. Typically, this results in multiple CMS installations. At best, these are varying releases and versions only. At worst, there are many different CMS platforms. In reality, we have observed that some enterprises use more than 10 different CMSs.

How Scrivito compares

With Web CMS Scrivito, multi-tenancy is provided as a shared service. Scrivito allows you to create as many web projects on-demand as you need with just a couple of clicks. Decide whether you want to separate the tenants or share some or all of the digital assets between them. Multi-platform functionality gives your enterprise flexibility and room to grow.

9. Exemplary Support

In today’s world reacting to market changes quickly is what can help you gain an advantage over the competition, and the internet is the place where it’s visible the most. One of the things that can significantly slow you down or even stop you is poor support for your CMS. It is very frustrating to wait for weeks to have an issue solved. With open-source systems, employees often need to spend days reading through tons of forum posts to find anything helpful due to poor documentation. With leading enterprise service providers, on the other hand, it usually takes days from opening a ticket to just finding the right person to understand the issue and sometimes months to have a solution or fix implemented.

How Scrivito compares

You won’t get connected to an offshore team that only knows answers to common questions, and it will not take hours to get through. Our support staff are actual developers who work with Scrivito every day in Berlin, Wrocław and the US.

To assure your websites on Scrivito are safe, fast, and reliable, we develop our system agily. Updates are done on a regular basis, we release new code usually every month, each time making Scrivito better.

10. Tiered Permissions and Workflows

In many CMSs all editors can autonomously publish their work, making their changes visible to the world. This can be acceptable for smaller organizations where only a few people can do content maintenance tasks. Enterprises offering a diverse spectrum of information to their website visitors, however, might rather want to be able to restrict publishing content to specialists in order to preserve the quality and integrity of their content, especially when legal or reputational risk is high.

Website content that is legally binding, corporate-identity-related, or mission-critical with respect to marketing or sales matters should be subject to stricter rules regarding quality control, approving, and publishing compared to short-living daily news, for example. An enterprise CMS must allow you to set up rules reflecting your business procedures in which the production of content plays a central role.

How Scrivito compares

Scrivito’s workflow functionality allows you to set up rules reflecting your business procedures in which the production of content plays a central role. Workflows are an excellent tool for managing the editorial cycle – from authoring through copyediting and reviewing to publishing. Customizable settings allow you to configure your workflows to your unique organization, including restricting content editing to particular groups and editors.

Workflows provide an enterprise-level system to collaborate among the various parties involved.

Scrivito lets you add members to working copies. When adding members to a working copy the owner can associates a user with a particular role in the given working copy. The role defines the privileges the users associated with it have, e.g. “read”, “write”, “publish”. To every working copy, any number of CMS users can be added as collaborators.

Why Should You Shortlist Scrivito as Your Next CMS?

Scrivito is a powerful Enterprise-Class Web CMS providing a backbone to all your enterprise’s websites or web applications so you deliver great results quickly. It is provided in a software as a service (SaaS) model and doesn’t require IT maintenance. It’s flexible, extensible and meets the highest security standards.

Scrivito scales with your needs. You can run multiple web projects, integrate other systems using APIs and serve content to any channel or device from a single content hub via a fast global CDN. Our clients build their web projects rapidly using customizable widgets and an intuitive WYSIWYG interface.

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