for the New CXP
Customer Experience

Customer Relation Experience

The tool for your success. Highly flexible CRM standard solution that can be implemented quickly and customized individually.

  • 360° view of customers, prospects, partners, competitors and more
  • Common knowledge and work basis for all employees across departments and locations
  • Transparent lead management

Customer Portal Experience

Scrivito is a powerful enterprise-class Web CMS providing a backbone to all your enterprise’s websites or web applications so you deliver great results quickly. It is provided in a software as a service (SaaS) model and doesn’t require IT maintenance. It’s flexible, extensible and meets the highest security standards.

  • Run multiple web projects, integrate everything using APIs and serve content to any channel from a single content hub.
  • Build web projects rapidly using customizable widgets, serve content through a global CDN and edit content with a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Scrivito is a decoupled/headless CMS. It can act as an enterprise-wide content hub and deliver digital assets to any channel or application you connect to it by means of powerful APIs.
On-premise CMS

Customer Portal Experience

A powerful content management solution for enterprises looking for a professional yet easy-to-use CMS that can be installed and maintained in private clouds or on premise.

  • Reduces costs and saves time - integrate and automate processes.
  • Speeds up projects - build websites with widgets and workspaces. Effectively reduce website operating tasks.
  • Improves security and flexibility - high standards for data privacy and data security. Connect to other systems using rich APIs.