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Security provided by a strong hosting partner

The cloud-based CRM solution PisaSales guarantees a high degree of security and reliability thanks to a strong partnership. Data security and data protection are top priorities, especially in the CRM business, where highly sensitive customer data is processed on a large scale.

Regardless of whether you are a regional medium-sized company or an internationally active group: the security of cloud applications affects all sizes of company and industries equally. After all, no one wants to risk the stored data being used as an attractive target for attacks, lost, stolen or misused.

More and more companies are opting for the cloud version of the PisaSales CRM solution to digitalize their customer-oriented departments and processes. The advantages of deciding on a CRM solution from the cloud are obvious: the investment costs for hardware and servers as well as personnel expenses for installations and upgrades are eliminated against payment of a monthly usage fee.

PiSA sales GmbH works with Deutsche Telekom as its hosting partner in order to offer its customers maximum performance and security. With its data centers in Sachsen-Anhalt, the highly secure Open Telekom Cloud is one of the few providers on the market to offer legally compliant data privacy certification (according to Trusted Cloud Data Privacy Profile 1.0). The use of PisaSales CRM in combination with the Open Telekom Cloud and exclusive data storage in Germany reduces any risks to an absolute minimum.

“In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of customers using our software in the cloud. With Deutsche Telekom as our hosting partner and brand with a strong reputation, we offer our users comprehensive security and reliability in terms of IT security. After all, companies’ demand for a flexibly scalable IT infrastructure will continue to grow,” explains Dirk Kosellek, Head of Marketing and Market Development of PiSA sales GmbH.

PisaSales CRM: Exzellente CRM-Software für Vertrieb, Marketing und Service

PisaSales CRM ist unsere hochflexible Standardlösung für das Customer-Relationship-Management. Die Software lässt sich schnell einsetzen, individuell anpassen und ist perfekt für mittelständische und große Unternehmen geeignet. PisaSales deckt Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Serviceanforderungen vollständig ab.