Seamless integration of PisaSales with flexible standard coupling to SAP ERP

The modular CRM solution PisaSales will be even more efficiently integrated into SAP environments in the future.

A flexible interface to the ERP system will make it easier for SAP customers to access the specialized functionalities of the industry solution. PiSA sales product manager Jens Tschammer explains the decision to develop a standard interface to the market leader SAP as follows: “Over the past years, we have built up comprehensive integration know-how from numerous projects. We want to bring this project-related knowledge together in a standardized interface and thus make it usable for our customers”.

According to Tschammer, this will further increase acceptance of the successful SME solution PisaSales. The functional advantages of the project-oriented best-of-breed solution would thus be available to all interested companies without the need for a complex integration process. PisaSales can also be efficiently integrated into all other ERP environments by using its own middleware, web service and XML technology.

Since 2020 PiSA sales GmbH is part of the JustRelate Group. The more than 140 employees at the locations Berlin and Wroclaw cooperate in the development, production, marketing and sales of powerful CMS and CRM software solutions for the national and international market.