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Scrivito’s Latest Releases Offer Many Optimizations and Improved Usability

The JustRelate Group has recently released new versions of Scrivito CMS that introduce a host of new features. The new functionalities make using Scrivito even easier and faster, and the software's user interface has become much clearer. Furthermore, there are other highlights that will simplify the daily work of editors and developers a lot. Let us take a look at the key benefits and features of the latest software releases.

We are pleased to present Scrivito users some exciting news. With the latest releases, we are driving the improvement of your user experience.

The new features put a special focus on the areas of security and multilingualism. We also made some improvements in terms of speed and user interface. 

We’re always giving our best to keep our powerful CMS up to your expectations. Get the full picture about the latest changes by reading the following highlights:

Extension of the Widget Library

Die Widget-Bibliothek von Scrivito wurde wesentlich erweitert.

Every Scrivito user can now benefit from a widget library to save recurring groups of widgets as well as individual widgets as templates, which are available to all editors. The new widget library not only makes it easier to work on individual websites, but also helps you keep sites consistent.

Auch die Seitenleiste wurde mit einigen Neurungen versehen.

Updated Sidebar

Scrivito JS SDK 1.21.0 was already released back in March. Included in the package were numerous interesting features: Scrivito users can now utilize an overview of the content that has been altered thanks to the updated changes sidebar.

The new sidebar lists, for example, pages and images that have been created, edited or deleted in the currently selected working copy. With the help of the list of changes you can also find content that has been changed in parallel in a working copy that has been published in the meantime. Also included in the update are improved handling of authentication groups and more efficiency in handling changes. You can learn more in our release notes.

Managing Multi-Language Content More Clearly

Significant enhancements have also been introduced in terms of multi-language content. If multiple websites are maintained in one system, Scrivito now also allows you to provide content in multiple languages. In particular, our CMS supports editors and administrators in adding additional language versions of a website or multiple websites to the content and maintaining them conveniently. Numerous tools can be applied for different editorial purposes. For example, the sidebar provides an overview of the websites set up and allows them to be assigned to each other as language versions. Scrivito thus supports you in creating and maintaining related page versions.

The Scrivito JS SDK 1.22.0 release includes new features and fixes, for instance concerning search as well as the use of languages. From now on, editors can set the language of any CMS object via the corresponding property in which the text on a website is written. This applies to pages and images as well as PDF files. In addition, word root search is now applied based on the language of the pages and serves the purpose of providing accurate search results for the terms entered by the user. To learn more about Scrivito JS SDK 1.22.0, visit our release notes page.

The new functionalities further improve the multilingual orientation of the CMS. With this feature, Scrivito again proves to be an efficient content management solution and meets the increasing requirements of internationally active companies with multilingual web presences.

Restoring Content Using the Publishing History

Auch im Seitenverlauf sind neue Features vorhanden.

With another important release, Scrivito JS SDK 1.23.0, we have provided some exciting new features regarding working copies and the publishing process. In particular, usability has been improved even further. For instance, the creation of websites has been significantly simplified. The dedicated dialog allows specifying the name or type of the page as well as the language in a single step, instead of having to open the page properties. 

Thanks to constructive feedback from our users, we were also able to improve the way the page history works. From now on, you can track changes even better.

Provide Your Images via Your Own Domain

 In den Dashboard-Einstellungen können Ihren eigenen Host und Domainnamen angeben.

Last but not least, in addition to fixes for some bugs, we implemented a new feature to allow you to share your images via your domain. In the dashboard settings, you now have the option to specify your own host and thus the domain name that should appear in the URLs of images and other binary data on your website. For more details, see our documentation.

We take your suggestions seriously: this feature was created following our users’ feedback.

We thank our users for their great ideas and look forward to hearing from you. Do you have any questions or suggestions on how we can further improve your user experience with Scrivito? Feel free to get in touch with us. We'll help you achieve your goals!

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