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Scalability of Web Services: Why it is so Important for Your Business?

It is said that the internet can endure anything. Nevertheless, when it comes to webpages - size does matter. Let’s talk then about the scalability of your digital presence.

When thinking about your own webpages, or services offered digitally, many businesses often do not think about scalability. Because it is invisible. You do not concern yourself that the web service is scalable as long as it is working. Unfortunately, this lack of ability to react, or more simply - handle the workload, traffic, capacity, and agility might be really painful.

Imagine a huge airport’s web service where you can book a ticket, check flight’s departure, perform self-checkin and just find useful information for traveling. AND suddenly there are too many users at the same time using the service, and everything is jammed. People become angry, frustrated, sometimes scared. The helpline is already having a hiccup and all the helpdesk staff is dreaming about dropping it all and moving to Tibet. But this is only the first stage. Later, after the communicational chaos there comes the Social Media buzz and the press publications. All the positive feedback gained with years of hard work disappears in a few minutes. Then comes the most terrible payoff - lawyers with summons. But wait, the airport itself was operating - planes were departing and landing, passengers were checked-in, luggage was distributed… It’s just the web service.

Not “just”. Right now your digital presence and the way you handle current and potential customers on the web, through your apps, or via social media is as important as the other aspects of your business. Your digital presence should be as resilient and performant as all the other parts of your operation, so let’s talk about the pillars of scalability.


Precisely speaking - web performance, which means the time of loading a webpage on a users device. Every millisecond counts here, and every delay in loading information, an image, movie, or form might cost you your reputation. So think about the hosting technology that allows you to increase the speed.


Even short breaks in the availability of your web service or a landing page for a huge sponsored campaign can have an impact on your brand’s reliability. Searching for the best solution for your business, think about the service which is 24/7 available, with full support. Like a cloud which is spread all around the world with multiple places where backups of your data are stored and can be quickly displayed - no matter how far away the end device.


Prepare for the worst, expect the best - it also fits the digital strategy. Thinking about your webpages you probably expect that there will be thousands of people visiting it, but what if there is an amazing viral campaign and you’re flooded with millions of users at the same time? When searching for best solutions, always ask about the abilities and don’t believe those who would say that once the traffic grows, they could increase the capacity for you. It sounds like “we will do it too late”. Scalability should work within a blink of an eye.


Now you are running one webpage for your company, but within the next year you want to have 10 more web pages, and maybe a huge service for ten thousand customers, and they would create ten thousand more single sites, and… Yes. You want to start with something smaller but then grow - it’s natural. But would your host grow with you, in a minute, not months? Before you decide where to keep your webpages, think about the future. You do not want to end up with an elephant which needs to be migrated via bicycle to another part of the world.


Either paying less for a service which isn’t even enough for now or spending a huge amount of money for an empty space “just in case” isn’t a great solution for any emerging enterprise. If you are staying agile in your daily processes why leave your digital entity without that flexibility. You should choose a solution wisely which can quickly adjust to your needs.

What's Next?

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