Revamped Image Processing System

Revamped Image Processing System

Every image uploaded to Scrivito gets processed to provide several down-scaled image versions that are used to render pages much faster on devices with smaller screens.

We overhauled this system, improved its performance, and added some really useful features.

Stay Oriented!

If you take a picture with your digital camera or with your phone, you will get portrait or landscape images, depending on how you are holding the device. This works because your device has an acceleration sensor allowing it to determine which edges are at the top and bottom. These pieces of information are then incorporated into the image as an EXIF orientation tag.

Scrivito's new image processing system takes those pieces of information into account when generating optimized versions. So you no longer need to pre-process such images to make them look as they should with Scrivito. In other words: Down-scaled image versions will always be oriented as intended.

No Wrong Colors, Please!

An image may also include an ICC profile specifying the color space of the image.
Scrivito's enhanced image processing system recognizes ICC profiles, and converts the image versions it generates to the widely adopted sRGB color space.

We hope you find these features as useful as we do. Stay tuned!