Standardized CRM workflows and contract management for key accounts

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B2B sales in the energy industry increasingly requires customized energy solutions and comprehensive energy supply concepts. Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH, part of the Vattenfall Group, relies on the PisaSales CRM solution to provide sales support for its key accounts nationwide.

"The PisaSales CRM has significantly accelerated our key account sales processes. The software concept and consulting services by JustRelate won us over."

Bernd Schmidt, Head of IT Control and Projects at Vattenfall

The Customer

Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH offers individual solutions for electricity and gas supply as well as comprehensive energy supply concepts to regional utilities, municipal utilities and large companies. Vattenfall Europe is a major part of the Swedish Vattenfall Group. The company produces, distributes, trades and sells energy to some six million customers throughout Europe. In addition to Germany, the Vattenfall Group is also present in many countries in Northern and Central Europe, including Finland and Poland. Vattenfall Europe has approximately 20,000 employees.

The Goal

To ensure the high quality of its customer care, Vattenfall needed to implement suitable software that could provide technical and organizational support to the key account management team. The solution had to be lean and simple so employees would quickly accept and adopt it. Customer information available across various legacy systems had to be consolidated in one central system. This system would allow employees to view customer histories across processes and seamlessly track customer contracts. Vattenfall also needed the ability to pass on overarching information, such as contract management and quotation tracking, to upstream and downstream process units in order to avoid time-consuming manual data maintenance in Excel.

The Implementation

The PisaSales CRM fitted seamlessly into the IT landscape of Vattenfall Europe Sales. A bidirectional interface to the master database used at Vattenfall was implemented based on Oracle Stream technology. This database collects all data available in the company and makes it available to other applications for further processing. PisaSales shares important contact, company, product and contract data with this master database. The CRM information captured in PisaSales can thus be easily used and processed by other applications. Field workers use the mobile PisaSales solution. This allows them to access the data they need for their work and to record, update and visualize information.

The Result

PisaSales supports the management of customer master data as well as presales, after-sales, contract and campaign management. A uniform workflow for all employees ensures the quality of customer contracts is consistent across all product segments. The integrated CRM contract management feature gives users instant access to key information about products and services sold. This improves customer orientation, enhances professionalism, and allows key account managers to identify sales potential at an early stage. Thanks to optimized CRM processes, increased efficiency through the introduction of central data management, and high employee acceptance of the CRM system, Vattenfall Europe Sales is experiencing a significant reduction in process costs.