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Globally available web portals, CPQ, channel sales, IOT and much more

Reto Merges
“An efficient organisation can only be managed with efficient tools. That's why TROX chose JustRelate's Scrivito CMS to run over 70 websites worldwide."

Martin Müntjes

Head of Marketing and Digital Sales 

About TROX Group

TROX is a global market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of components, devices and systems for the ventilation and air conditioning of rooms. With 33 subsidiaries in 27 countries on five continents, 20 production facilities and other importers and agencies, the company is present in over 70 countries. With around 4,950 employees worldwide, the TROX GROUP currently generates an annual turnover of 725 million euros.


As a full-service provider in the field of building automation, TROX uses its core competences in a targeted, contemporary and customer-specific manner in project management. The company offers cost-effective and energy-efficient complete solutions in the field of measurement and control technology for building complexes of all types and sizes.

A large, dynamic company like TROX needs dynamic websites that can evolve with the company. At TROX, this often means weekly changes across the entire website portfolio that involve almost all departments. TROX chose the JustRelate platform due to its outstanding flexibility, usability and security.

  • Sector
  • Employees
    approx. 4.180
  • Products and Solutions 
    Web portals, B2B ecommerce
  • Technology
    AWS, Ruby on Rails, React
  • Facts and Figures
    Product configuration, online shop, multi-language functionality and over 116,000 objects


TROX uses the JustRelate CX cloud as the main tool for creating and managing its Internet presence. Over 70 websites, 35 of which are country websites, have been developed and are running and evolving on the JustRelate platform.

TROX’s B2B ecommerce activities were built around the newly developed central self-service customer portal myTROX, which is seamlessly integrated into the website. Almost all products are built to order and need to be configured. This was achieved by connecting the portal to TROX’s CRM, ERP and ecommerce systems. 


The inline editing and the self-explanatory operating concept provided by the CMS component of the JustRelate CX Cloud are an incredible advantage for the large team of TROX employees. Everyone working on the websites and portals was able to get started immediately without the need for extensive training. The developers can make customisations and extensions themselves if required, and as the platform is very stable and maintenance-free, the administration effort is significantly reduced.