medatixx GmbH & Co. KG

A central CRM and work platform for over 700 employees

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Steffen Kaulmann, Senior Project Manager at JustRelate, shares insights into the project and the implementation of medatixx’s CRM solution. (in German with English subtitles)

"With PisaSales CRM, we benefit from a system that provides excellent support for our daily work, company-wide. It has become a strategic business application."

Christian Dahlmann, Project Manager CRM, medatixx GmbH & Co. KG

The Customer

medatixx GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Eltville/Rhine, is one of the leading providers of IT solutions for medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, medical care centers and physician networks in Germany. medatixx employs around 725 staff at 18 locations as well as working with over 50 independent regional service partners. Its users include more than 39,000 physicians and approximately 75,000 employees in doctor's offices. This corresponds to a market share of around 27% of all medical practitioners. The software helps its users organize and optimize office workflows and efficiently manage all their administrative tasks.

The Goal

Various isolated solutions and an outdated CRM application were to be replaced by a combined system. The existing CRM solution in particular had significant performance problems, which made it necessary to modernize. By establishing a common, central platform for sales, marketing and helpdesk/support, medatixx hoped to significantly increase productivity in those areas. Regular audits and process optimizations were planned in order to steadily increase and establish high acceptance across the board.

The Implementation

The CRM solution from medatixx is based on the PisaSales CRM and covers all requirements with one solution. Due to the CRM software’s high flexibility, medatixx was able to completely adapt the solution to its existing business processes. Employees can manage and track all sales proposals in the CRM system. In marketing, campaigns and events can be planned, processed and evaluated with the solution. In support, ticketing is simplified with a dedicated activity manager. Support tickets are communicated via a web portal and the system can generate various evaluations and analyses for reporting and controlling purposes. PisaSales CRM is integrated into medatixx’s ERP system via middleware.

The Result

Since 2020, around 725 employees have been working with PisaSales CRM across departments and locations. All users use the system as a central hub for their daily work. Employees benefit from standardized workflows, shorter response times and reduced workloads. PisaSales has become a strategic business application for medatixx, providing a perfect fact base for all business decisions with key figures, sales funnel and forecast analyses as well as trend analyses.