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MPG Nobel Prize winners
1954 Walter Bothe | 1963 Karl Ziegler | 1964 Feodor Lynen | 1967 Manfred Eigen | 1973 Konrad Lorenz | 1984 Georges Köhler | 1985 Klaus von Klitzing | 1986 Ernst Ruska | 1988 Robert Huber | 1988 Hartmut Michel | 1988 Johann Deisen- hofer | 1991 Erwin Neher | 1991 Bert Sakmann | 1995 Paul Crutzen | 1995 Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard | 2005 Theodor Hänsch | 2007 Gerhard Ertl | 2014 Stefan Hell | 2020 Emmanuelle Charpentier | 2020 Reinhard Genzel                                                       


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The Customer

The 86 institutes and research facilities of the Max Planck Society are spread across 39 locations in Germany as well as five locations abroad. They correspond to three distinct sections that reflect the organisation’s research spectrum: the Chemical-Physical-Technical Section, the Biological-Medical Section and the Humanities, Social and Human Sciences Section. About 24,000 people currently work and conduct research in the Max Planck Society; among them are about 7,000 researchers.

The Goal

In addition to redesigning and improving the digital experience and expanding the information offered, the aim of deploying JustRelate's content management system was to build a digital asset management system, with a central repository of data accessible to all of the thousands of editors worldwide. The solution ensures that MPG's web applications meet all of the following requirements: clear structuring of the organisation’s Internet presentation, increase in topicality, quality and scope of the information offered through in-place editing, and excellent usability for editors. As well as system-supported workflows, multiple usage of content, improved access options for different target groups and omnichannel support for different content output formats. 

Screenshot der Website der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

The Implementation

In order to provide quick and intuitive access to MPG’s extensive pool of information, the various target groups (journalists, scientists, politicians, students, …) are directed to content of interest to them. Images, 3D animations and videos can be centrally managed with Digital Asset Management. The MPG's Internet presence includes a knowledge portal, and a completely new editing concept was implemented for this to allow editors to edit all content on the website using so-called working copies. The portal not only demonstrates the variety of topics in the Max Planck Society and its institutes, it also shows up-to-date results of the scientists' work in an easily comprehensible way. In addition, it is linked to other select knowledge portals. A career section was set up to advertise professional opportunities at the Max Planck Institutes – especially for young scientists.

The Result

The Max Planck Society e. V. (MPG) has been using content management solutions from JustRelate since 2003. Each of the 80 institutes can use the CMS for intranet and Internet projects. The MPG's web presence is now a high-quality information medium giving visitors access to first-hand knowledge. Users will find research news alongside longer articles, profiles and dossiers on current research topics. This means they have access to much more content, which is always current and clearly structured.