ALBIS Leasing AG

The ALBIS Leasing Portal for Edekabank

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The Albis leasing portal was implemented using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This reduced the administrative burden and increases security.

"We have benefited from working with JustRelate. Concluding a leasing contract has become much easier. The application is very powerful, can be used on a mobile basis, and the customer service representatives receive feedback on the leasing application while they are still with the customer. The agile development method has allowed us to achieve high-quality results much faster. In addition, the collaboration has been fun!"

Elias Ammon, Director Business Development and Information at ALBIS Leasing AG

The Customer

Albis Leasing AG, headquartered in Hamburg, has been successfully operating in the leasing market for over 25 years, offering leasing and service concepts, and is one of Germany’s top leasing companies. In capital goods and sales leasing, Albis offers medium-sized enterprises a wide range of financing models for numerous product groups.

The Goal

From freezers to checkout systems, from shopping trolleys to delivery vans, through Edekabank, EDEKA retailers can lease new business equipment and keep their stores equipped with the latest solutions. However, the long processing times proved to be a problem for the independent retailers.

To optimize the process, a new leasing portal was designed. The leasing portal was to provide a quick overview of the status of each application. Previously manual processing steps in preparation for the approval of the leasing contract were to be largely automated, making them less error-prone and considerably faster. 

The Implementation

To achieve high-speed performance, we designed the leasing portal application to be browser based. Application and backend exchange only a small amount of data that is required for execution, and the application is optimized for usability on mobile devices. For security reasons, we inserted an API as a "thin" intermediate layer between the JavaScript frontend and the complex Albis backend. This layer only provides the functionality that is immediately necessary for the application process. It translates all functions and parameters for the Albis backend. In addition, plausibility routines serve to immediately check the data entries. The API, which is kept very lean, keeps the attack surface for potential attackers to a minimum, resulting in very high levels of security. In addition, it can be extended or modified very quickly if the need arises.

We implemented the Albis leasing portal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud solution: "We don't need our own servers for the portal, which brings advantages in terms of availability and scalability. It also allows us to separate new business models from the infrastructure, which is useful for new sales concepts," explains Elias Ammon. 

The Result

Today, Edekabank's corporate customer advisors access the ALBIS leasing portal via a web browser from their tablet or laptop. They can fill in the leasing application on site at the Edeka store, choose between different leasing options, and immediately download the finished contract in PDF format. Thanks to the portal's high degree of automation, all approval, creditworthiness and credit processes reach a decision within 1 to 2 days. In an ideal case, the whole process takes just 7 seconds: A real advantage for both consultants and retailers!