For its CRM selection process, Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Südwest GmbH relies on PisaSales CRM

PVS Südwest implements PisaSales CRM software

For its CRM selection process, Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Südwest GmbH relies on PisaSales CRM.

For over 90 years, the Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Südwest has been a specialist for invoicing, accounting and debt collection of medical fees for private patients. 

Together with other physician-managed clearing houses throughout Germany, it forms the PVS Association, which consists of over 25,000 members. PVS Südwest, headquartered in Mannheim, employs more than 190 people and is considered one of the market leaders in the region. As a result of the recent merger between PVS Südwest and the clearing office in Freiburg, the number of customers has increased to 3,300 doctors.

The sales department of PVS Südwest will remarkably benefit most from the CRM introduction. In fact, the robust CRM software by the Berlin-based software company will provide comprehensive support for the employees involved in the optimal preparation of customer appointments and the creation and evaluation of digital visit reports. One of the main requirements of PVS Südwest is the professional management of contracts in order to permanently ensure the high quality of the member-centered processes. In the future, PisaSales CRM will replace the existing open source CRM and thus create the basis for more transparency and quality in member recruitment and support.

One of the crucial factors in the decision for PisaSales CRM was the possibility to operate the system either as a DSGVO-compliant cloud or in-house solution. In addition to the comprehensive functionality already included in the standard version, the unlimited usability of the solution in the web browser and the modern apps for smartphones and tablets impressed PVS Südwest as well. Sales representatives have unrestricted access to all relevant CRM data and are always well-informed even out on the road.

Within the framework of a later expansion stage of the CRM project, further PVS departments and branches are to be integrated.

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