NRW.INVEST implements CRM solution by PisaSales

The state-owned business development agency NRW.INVEST, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is responsible for the international marketing of North Rhine-Westphalia as an investment location. In the future, the PisaSales CRM will support the work of NRW.INVEST.

Approx. 40 employees work at the headquarters in Düsseldorf, and a further approx. 35 employees represent NRW.INVEST internationally in 11 foreign offices, among others in the USA, Japan and Turkey. 

The company offers interested investors a comprehensive range of information on North Rhine-Westphalia as a business location. This includes services such as the search for a suitable location, information on the economic structure and industry clusters as well as on tax and legal aspects. Even after settlement, NRW.INVEST supports the foreign companies, in particular with expansions, new or spin-off companies.

The goal of the CRM implementation at NRW.INVEST is to reduce the large number of different IT systems and now map the business processes in a CRM solution as standard. In the past, data was recorded several times, and processes were time-consuming because they were distributed across several IT applications.

To achieve this goal, the legacy data from the now replaced groupware Lotus Notes is transferred to the PisaSales CRM. On the other hand, all contacts are managed in PisaSales as well as activities such as events, the dispatch of serial mailings or the dispatch of invitations or registrations for events are planned, controlled and transparently evaluated. The settlement projects of potential foreign investors are uniformly maintained in the CRM system. In addition, NRW.INVEST offers its interested parties a knowledge database with document download and keyword search via the portal solution implemented with PisaSales.

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