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New CRM-template for the contract business

From now on the PisaSales CRM is equipped with an even more powerful template for the building and building-supplies industry.

Extensive CRM business solution

The optimized template offers a consolidated view of all properties, sub-properties, and trades as well as a wealth of linked information. By this all project and property data is managed centralized and evaluable. The system enables the transparent management of relationships between customers, planners, developers, sub-contractors, processors etc. in terms of their connection to a given property. Key profit-generating contracts are identified quickly.

Both your field an in-house sales teams will benefit from the easy import of data about invitations to bid plus property data (e.g. from the ibau network) and the adjustable duplication checking of property data via slider. Besides the mobile availability of the data from the system, the CRM solution is ready for international coverage as well (language, currency, unit-of-measure definition and time zone options).

Since 2020 PiSA sales GmbH is part of the JustRelate Group. The more than 140 employees at the locations Berlin and Wroclaw cooperate in the development, production, marketing and sales of powerful CMS and CRM software solutions for the national and international market.

PisaSales CRM: Exzellente CRM-Software für Vertrieb, Marketing und Service

PisaSales CRM ist unsere hochflexible Standardlösung für das Customer-Relationship-Management. Die Software lässt sich schnell einsetzen, individuell anpassen und ist perfekt für mittelständische und große Unternehmen geeignet. PisaSales deckt Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Serviceanforderungen vollständig ab.