Multi-website architecture discussion

Multi-Website Content Management System

Multi-Tenancy Provides the Flexibility and Speed to Instantly Start and Run Individual Web Projects

Typically, larger businesses have more than one website. Companies may have different brands, products, subsidiaries, national branches, etc., requiring them to offer content on dedicated websites. Enterprises today regularly face the need for new web applications, websites, shops and other content-consuming channels.

This kind of business demand can be challenging. In the worst case, excessive time, money and IT resources are required to create new websites as the company’s existing solutions are not capable of handling multiple websites, forcing them to acquire, install, and later maintain, update and patch a new CMS, pushing the IT team to its limit.

There is great potential here if it is possible to offer the cross-sectional functions of a CMS as a shared service. Enterprise Web CMS Scrivito natively supports:

  • multi-tenants,
  • multi-sites and 
  • multi-languages. 


Multitenancy refers to a multi-client capable software architecture allowing several fully independent instances of an application to be administered in one place.

With Web CMS Scrivito, you can use tenants for operating multiple web applications and sites, each of which gets developed, tested and deployed in its own environment.


Enterprise CMS Scrivito lets you create new tenants in a matter of seconds. Once you log in to your administration panel, the dashboard, you just need to press “Add new website” button and choose your plan.

Scrivito is flexible, you can decide if you want to give access to your new website to all users managing your other sites, or only to some of them. It also lets you decide if digital assets like images, movies, or other binaries, should be shared or not.


Even if at the beginning a business needs a website in just one language, very soon it may occur that international clients have to be served as well. For this reason, it’s wise to pick a CMS that supports multiple languages. You never know what business opportunities emerge in the future.

What Can a Multi-Website CMS Do for Your Enterprise?

Web CMS Scrivito can handle an unlimited number of websites or web applications within one tenant or across multiple tenants. Content assets can be shared within one tenant or more strictly separated. Whatever decision is made, the number of possible tenants is virtually infinite. Thanks to multi-tenancy, new projects can be created easily in less than a minute.

For new requirements coming from business units, multi-tenancy provides the flexibility and speed to instantly start and run individual web projects. Even external agencies can be involved easily and securely. There is no waste of valuable resources when setting up a new website. Web CMS Scrivito gives the enterprise full freedom without compromising control.

With Web CMS Scrivito, Enterprises Can Expect: 

  • Reduced number of isolated web solutions, 
  • Decreased number of CMSs in use, 
  • Significant reduction of related costs.