With Neoletter you can acquire new leads and target your customers and prospects in a personalized way. Our software offers you a wealth of functions to automate your marketing activities and optimize your email marketing.

Seamless Connection to CRM Systems

Neoletter can be connected to CRM systems via its API, and data can be exchanged automatically between the systems. For example, contact data and recipient lists from the CRM can be used directly in Neoletter. 

Response information generated by mailings - for example, which recipients opened an email and which links they clicked on - can be automatically transferred to the CRM system if required. This enables you to individualize and personalize the customer approach even further.

Emails That Really Reach the Recipients

A common problem with email marketing software: With many mailings, a large proportion of messages gets caught in the recipients' spam filters or cannot be delivered for other reasons. Neoletter minimizes this risk through state-of-the-art technology. The software supports all common standards like the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). This ensures the highest possible delivery rate - for recipients worldwide.

Become Productive Immediately

Working with Neoletter is easy and intuitive. Employees can immediately start new campaigns, create forms or send mailings in minutes without any programming knowledge - and without the help of IT departments or designers.

100% Legally Compliant, Incl. GDPR

Neoletter can be used in accordance with all legal regulations including the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) without additional effort. To subscribe to mailing lists, you can activate a double opt-in process in which users must confirm their email address. 

The software is operated by JustRelate within the EU and the data centers used are ISO 27k certified. Neoletter also includes features for automatic bounce management and email blacklists.

Integration into the Existing System Landscape via APIs

Since Neoletter uses an API-first architecture and headless technology, the software can be connected to any system, for example to your CMS, your existing IT landscape or third-party software. Depending on the deployment scenario, you thus ensure the automated flow of information, prevent silo formation and avoid system breaks.

Secure, Scalable and Flexible Thanks to the Cloud

Neoletter does not require its own IT infrastructure. It runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), scales with your needs, offers the highest level of security and over 99.95% availability. There is no downtime due to maintenance or updates.

Design Your Own Email Templates

You can create your own templates for your mailings that meet your requirements and the specifications of your corporate design. This gives you full control over the look and feel of your mailings. 

The emails are always displayed perfectly even on smartphones and tablets thanks to their responsive design.

Intuitive Editor for Mails, Landing Pages and Forms

Editors create and edit emails, landing pages and forms using an intuitive, powerful WYSIWYG editor. This enables them to achieve attractive and convincing results with just a few clicks, even without HTML knowledge. Elements such as text, images, or call-to-action buttons can be added through flexible widgets and drag-and-drop. Editors can see what the result will look like on different devices while editing.

Easy Personalization with Placeholders

To make your mailings even more successful, you can personalize them easily. For example, placeholders can be used to integrate a wide range of recipient data directly from the CRM into the emails. The recipient's name, for example, is automatically inserted or their contact person in your company is specified as the sender. In this way, mailings are possible in which the recipients feel directly addressed.

Define Individual Workflows

For creating campaigns, landing pages, forms and mailings, you can define your own content workflows that perfectly suit your company. For example, you can specify that some teams are only allowed to edit particular types of forms, or an editor-in-chief must approve newsletter mailings before they are sent out. This way, you always have full control over when and by whom changes are made and mailings are sent.

Optimization through Statistics

If you want to evaluate the success of your campaigns and uncover optimization potential, Neoletter offers you statistics on the mailings, the recipients and their interaction with the emails. 

In addition to general key figures such as the number of opens, the click-through rate, the unsubscribe rate or the bounce rate, you also receive detailed information about individual users. For example, you can find out whether a recipient opened the email, which links they clicked on, and whether they unsubscribed after receiving the email.