Updating website live

Live Updating now also Works in Editing Mode

Recently, we announced Scrivito’s new live updating feature that lets editors see the changes made by their coworkers. Up to now, this only worked in preview mode, but still was a great achievement as it significantly improves collaboration. We promised to make live updating available in editing mode, too, and we did!

Starting at version 1.2.0 of the Scrivito SDK, live updating now also works when content is being edited by several people in parallel! Watch how the text you are working on gets updated by someone else while you are typing, or a widget is moved by a colleague while you too are rearranging the widgets on the same page in the same working copy.

Updating live in Scrivito

How cool is this? If you have a Scrivito-based app, just update the SDK, and see for yourself!