Scrivito Jamstack architecture

Jamstack for Content Management Systems

Jamstack pages can be controlled via a Content Management System (CMS) known as a headless / decoupled CMS (where the backend and frontend are separate). The CMS backend application can be completely relocated to the cloud, eliminating the need to operate, administer and configure your own servers or runtime environments. This gives users the opportunity to focus more than ever on the content and the business logic required for it. However, this assumes that the CMS supports more than just pure writing and reading processes.

Flexible and Extendable

The Jamstack logic allows the flexible implementation of any business requirement using JavaScript, React, web APIs and microservices. However, the CMS must support such individual extensions and changes, e.g. by mapping specific tasks to self-developed or pre- built components.

Ready-Made Components

Headless / decoupled CMSs like Scrivito permit users to implement special functions using ready-made components (widgets). These widgets range from building block elements for headlines, lists, images, etc. to functional modules for user interfaces, e.g. forms. These sophisticated, tested components already possess a high degree of maturity, which significantly reduces development and maintenance time.

Pre-rendering Images

With the increasing variety of devices in use, the need for adaptable content presentation increases. By linking a headless / decoupled CMS with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can, for example, have multiple resolutions of an image prescaled and provided via the CDN for any devices as a standard feature.

Content Management Logic

Due to increasingly complex business functions, a confusing variety of content elements can quickly arise. However, outdated and poorly maintained items such as price lists can lead to significant problems. Therefore, CMS functions on versioning, with rules on release, maintenance and updates are required.

100% Cloud-Based Solution

The cloud infrastructure enables elastic scalability for traffic peaks and seasonal load fluctuations such as Christmas traffic. Native CMS cloud solutions also make a “CMS as a service” possible with billing only for actual use (pay-per-use model).

Scrivito Jamstack architecture

Headless / decoupled CMSs like Scrivito are natively designed for the cloud. They leverage available resources and web services such as big data, next-generation technologies (e.g. voice search, machine learning, AI), and cloud services (e.g. Lambda functions, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, CIoudFront or the Amazon API Gateway).

"Jamstack for Web Projects" - White Paper

The Jamstack approach has several key advantages over the traditional server infrastructure. It enables higher performance, improves security, lowers costs, scales more easily, and delivers a better user experience.