Scrivito is more user-friendly than ever before

Improved Usability and a New Color: Scrivito Is More User-Friendly than Ever Before

At JustRelate, we always strive to make your editorial work easier by improving the usability of our products.

We're constantly adding new features to ensure that our software meets even your highest requirements. 2021 might have just started, but we have already implemented some changes and are happy to present our new releases.

The last two updates to Scrivito JS 1.19.0 and 1.20.0 not only further optimized editorial and administrative workflows, but also simplified collaboration between editors. 

The latest software versions offer the following and many other features:

  • Finding page and widget types more easilyWhen adding a widget to a page or a page to the website, editors now have a search field to find the desired widget or page type faster.
  • Introducing true yes/no switchesEditors can activate or deactivate properties of a page or widget with a single click - for example, whether or not a separator line should be displayed.
  • Duplicating assets in the Content BrowserAssets can now be easily duplicated in the Content Browser. This is helpful, for example, when editors want to use a slightly modified version of an image. Instead of downloading, editing, and re-uploading the image, you can now duplicate it and adjust it directly using the built-in image editing tool.

For more information about new features, please see our release notes for JS 1.19.0 und JS 1.20.0.

In order to better distinguish the products of the JustRelate Group, such as Scrivito or PisaSales, we have given Scrivito a new color identity. From now on, Scrivito will appear in a blue design, giving it improved recognizability and a more modern look. We hope you like Scrivito's vibrant blue as much as we do!

Have a look at our website to learn more about how you can run your own Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with our integrated software suite.