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Hekatron plays it "safe" with CRM

The HEKATRON Group is introducing the CRM solution PisaSales. By implementing the system, the Hekatron Group aims to make complex quotation processes more efficient.

In the first stage of the project, contact management and quotation processes will first be implemented at the Sulzburg site with around 70 users. Sales-relevant data will be recorded centrally, displayed in a project- and customer-related manner, and made available to all users at all times. This will benefit not only marketing and sales, but also project planning and the entire after-sales department. The software is used as an integrated component of the ERP solution ifax.OPEN. PisaSales provides the management with detailed data for sales planning and control. Thus, a significant increase in performance with time and cost savings is achieved.

Particularly in the acquisition of new customers and in customer care as well as in the processing of quotations, real added value is created for Hekatron, one of the leading suppliers of systems and products for preventive technical fire protection from Sulzburg. The modular structure of the solution allows service management functions to be added. "With the introduction of ifax.OPEN CRM, we want to achieve even more customer proximity and process quotations quickly and securely.

In particular, the user-friendliness and intuitive user guidance already gave us a good feeling during the test phase," says the project management within the Hekatron Group. "The smooth integration into the ifax.OPEN ERP made it possible to implement the project quickly." The implementation of the project is characterized by the consistent implementation of a "service-oriented architecture" (SOA). Here, even complex business processes - such as pricing - can be designed without additional effort.

About Hekatron

Hekatron is the leading specialist in development, production and distribution of integrated systems for fire protection. In 1964 the company developed Europe’s first scattered light smoke detector for series production. In 1967 Hekatron invented the optical smoke switch for fire proof doors for fully automatic door release systems. Hekatron is a company of the Securitas Group Switzerland.