Geistlich Ligamenta

Geistlich also chooses the smart way to the customer

A company in the Swiss Geistlich Group relies on PisaSales for its sales activities. The CRM solution simplifies the support of end customers and dealers.

Geistlich Ligamenta AG, a company of the Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG group, manufactures adhesives. It faces the challenge of managing customer relationships from highly diversified activities. To support customer service, it was looking for a system that was flexible enough to map different processes. Adhesives for the industrial, commercial and DIY sectors are sold here. PisaSales is now used to manage inquiries from prospective customers and customers and to support dealers. Customer benefits arise from the centralization of visit reports, correspondence and the link to the ERP order management system.

About Geistlich

Geistlich Ligamenta AG is a company of the Geistlich Group and produces adhesives for a wide range of applications. These application areas include wood product processing, industrial assembly operations, cardboard and paper product converting, graphic arts and the packaging industry.