EIZO optimizes sales, marketing and service with PisaSales CRM

EIZO optimizes sales, marketing and service with PisaSales CRM

EIZO Europe GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end monitor solutions, has opted for PisaSales CRM cloud software to optimize its European activities in sales, marketing and service.

EIZO was founded in 1968 in Hakui, Japan and is also the Japanese word for “picture”. 

Today, EIZO is one of the international market leaders in the manufacture of monitors for medical, photographic, film, gaming, maritime, air traffic control applications as well as for commercial enterprises, trade and offices. The company employs more than 2,325 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of over 720 million US dollars.

The introduction of the cloud variant of PisaSales CRM is a flexibly scalable and above all quickly deployable solution for EIZO’s IT infrastructure. The low-maintenance solution, hosted in German data centers, is not only executable as a web browser application on desktop PCs and notebooks, but is of course also available via native apps on smartphones and tablets.

PisaSales CRM will support EIZO’s marketing activities, in particular e-mail marketing and lead management, as well as the implementation of postal and telemarketing campaigns. The system ensures that all contacts are handled in compliance with data protection regulations. EIZO sales staff benefit from the transparent creation and tracking of offers and the convenient recording of digital visit reports. Analytical functions such as forecasts help with sales control. The office and field staff in customer service will also use PisaSales CRM to process maintenance and complaints. For maximum flexibility, PisaSales CRM with an English-language user interface will be linked to other international locations and to an ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Further information about EIZO can be found at www.eizo.de.

PisaSales CRM: Exzellente CRM-Software für Vertrieb, Marketing und Service

PisaSales CRM ist unsere hochflexible Standardlösung für das Customer-Relationship-Management. Die Software lässt sich schnell einsetzen, individuell anpassen und ist perfekt für mittelständische und große Unternehmen geeignet. PisaSales deckt Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Serviceanforderungen vollständig ab.