Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH Opts for PisaSales CRM

The defense technology company relies on the highly flexible PisaSales CRM software to make customer support more efficient.

Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) is one of the world's leading companies for vehicle protection technologies and has over 60 years of successful business experience. DND owes its name to the historical legacy and pioneering work of Alfred Nobel. Today, the portfolio of the company from Burbach (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) includes holistic protection technologies, fire protection for civil and military applications, environmental and qualification services as well as research and development in several technology fields.

WIth a workforce of over 370 employees and headquarters and production facilities in the industrial Siegerland region of Westphalia, DND has decided to implement a CRM system for the first time. With this measure, the company takes an important step towards a sustainable increase of its efficiency.

With PisaSales CRM, DND is launching a customer relationship management system that supports its users worldwide with a uniform 360-degree view of all customers and business partners. The software will thus serve complex customer management needs. Among the goals of the CRM project for DND are the optimization of internal processes through the central provision of customer and transaction data, better deadline and quotation tracking, and comprehensive analysis options.

The CRM software from the Berlin-based company JustRelate, which serves as a helpful tool for the employees to further increase their productivity, will initially be introduced in the sales department. In the sales area the mobile availability of CRM data is a particular priority. PisaSales ensures the smooth recording of all feedback data in the system and, thanks to the apps that work offline, enables DND employees to access data on the move and achieve maximum productivity while on the road.

On the technical side, the import of inventory contacts into the PisaSales CRM will take place via Outlook. Thanks to the integrated duplicate check provided by PisaSales, not only does a smooth transfer of master data succeed, but there is also no additional effort for end users but the introduction of the new CRM system also does not create additional effort for end users.

For more information on DND, visit their website: https://dn-defence.com/

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