Designing landing page with Scrivito

Do it with Scrivito – Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy. When designed and optimized well they are for many companies the best return on digital marketing investment, with lowest cost per lead or acquisition across their marketing efforts. Landing pages are found primarily through organic search, but can also be promoted through paid search and are often highly targeted to a specific community or search query. Ultimately, landing pages are the first page a visitor lands on before any other, so it’s important the content matches the visitors search or need, otherwise they will leave (or bounce).

Although Scrivito isn’t a dedicated landing page builder, we sure have all of the tools and widgets to create effective landing pages which convert.

Scrivito Has All of the Features You Need to Create and Launch Landing Pages... 

Powerful Widgets

Powerful Widgets in Scrivito

The most effective landing pages are content heavy with a clear call to action – such as signup, learn more or contact us. With the Scrivito widgets you can create beautiful looking landing pages and add videos, signup forms and more with just a few clicks. Designing your landing pages is as simple as choosing widgets and dragging them into place, it’s so easy anyone can do it.

Hosting & CDN

With Scrivito, the videos and images on your landing pages will be automatically delivered through our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN). Your data is not only highly available but is also distributed to more than 60 so-called edge locations worldwide, which keep a copy of your content geographically as close to your users as possible. This greatly reduces page load times, which is essential to ensuring high performing landing pages.

Mobile Responsive Pages

Mobile phone

When using Scrivito to design your pages, we take care of making them responsive and ready for your mobile traffic. You can preview your landing pages in mobile view right in the Scrivito editor before they go live, so you can be sure they look and work great before you publish. More and more users are going mobile – with Scrivito, your landing pages will work for everyone.

There are several companies who have dedicated landing page solutions such as unbounce, leadpages and instapage each with their own features and monthly cost. Scrivito has many of the same features and is highly flexible, making it not just great for your landing pages but for your websites however large or small. You’ll find that our object-based pricing makes us highly cost-effective compared to other solutions in the market.